London Hair & Beauty Awards 2015

With the global fashion weeks done and dusted for the year, it was only right for us to assume that the busiest time of year for the industry had passed. Our assumption lasted short as we were kindly invited to attend the London Hair & Beauty Awards 2015 and represent Quench. Held on Sunday 11th October, when our Save The Date read Marriot Hotel at Mayfair for the venue, we knew it was going to be a fancy affair and a night to glam up for.

IMG_9506                         IMG_9516

Stepping onto the red carpet from our Uber, we couldn’t thank our student identity enough for being a valid excuse for not arriving in a Mercedes or a Limousine which seemed the norm for every other guest present. After having our professional photographs taken, guests were led to a lobby for the drinks reception where the mingling had commenced. A glance across the room revealed the fact that we were not only the youngest in the room but also the only external press, so it’s safe to say many curious eyes were questioningly scanning us. But in all honesty we were too consumed with the thought of how amazing life would be if our make-up and hair game were that on point on a daily basis *sigh.


Promptly starting at 7pm, once guests were seated at their tables in the grand hall, the night began in full swing. Welcome speeches that promised live entertainment at some point during the night, made our excitement double while speakers from the Make A Wish Foundation left us feeling grateful with their words. Once the essential introductions were made, the night basically consisted of awards being received by the deserving nominees and the rest is a memory of an evening well spent.

IMG_9515                                 20.a. Spa of the Year North

Overall considering this was the first ever Hair & Beauty show put on in London by the team @PROceanic, the night undoubtedly will be recalled as a success, evident by the roars of laughter and applause from the audience, persistent until departure. Certainly worth reaching Cardiff at 2am, if nothing, our attendance found us more knowledgeable on the best spaces and gurus for the best treatment in London town and we’re more than content with that.IMG_9509


For a full list of winners and nominees click here.

Help make dreams come true and contribute to Make A Wish Foundation here.