Lush: ‘if it’s naked, it’s fresh’

The fashion girls review high street cosmetics store Lush’s new range ‘Emotional Brilliance’.

With a cornucopia of cosmetic shops littering the high street, it’s hard not to be drawn towards the brands with the big names and bold advertising. It takes just seconds to purchase that brand new colour stay lippy without giving a thought to what’s inside and, incidentally, what you will soon be shovelling onto your skin. So, when the Fashion & Beauty team first heard about the true innovation that is ethically sourced, vegan cosmetics at Lush, it’s safe to say we were intrigued. They aren’t all about bath bombs and soap, you know!

Lush lives by the motto: “If it’s naked, it’s fresh,” which is why every single ingredient that goes into their products is completely natural. Interest surrounding naturally sourced cosmetics, however, isn’t a new idea. Science boffs at Lush have been researching cosmetics for years, with each brand new lipstick or mascara being extensively tested for a year before it is allowed to be sold – and that is definitely not on animals.

‘Animal testing’ hasn’t even made it into their vegan vocabulary. The team have been proudly fighting for animal rights ever since the brand was founded in 1994, a true inspiration to beauty brands everywhere.

Cosmetics advisor El gave the Beauty team a lesson in all things pure, ethical and just plain beautiful when she informed us of the lengths Lush goes to, to supply us with what she describes as the world’s most natural beauty buys. “The team at Lush are lucky enough to be able to travel all over the world and pick out the best ingredients in person and by hand. If it isn’t one hundred per cent natural and ethically sourced, we simply refuse to use it”.

The word ‘ethical’ keeps popping up in all aspects of fashion and beauty lately, with Lush at the forefront, acting as the mediator between worldly divides of prosperity and poverty. We were amazed to discover that Lush works closely with a plethora of poverty stricken countries in order to keep communities and families afloat. The brand is currently supporting young children’s education in Japan, most of whom have had their homes and schools ravaged by recent tsunamis. In exchange for naturally sourced coconut oil which graces the likes of lip balms and face masks, Lush sends text books to underprivileged, uneducated children, whilst also supporting a variety of other aid campaigns.

Despite the extreme yet influential emphasis on ethics, it’s fascinating how sourcing the cosmetics isn’t the sole focus at Lush. Their attention is constantly on customers’ needs and the latest beauty trends.

We were introduced to their new Emotional Brilliance beauty colour range. Emotional Brilliance matches your personality and emotions to specific colours and products, all in aid of making you feel amazing.

Sure, it’s a known fact that a slick of red lippy can act as a pick me up on rainy days, but Lush have delved deeper into the minds of customers as well as our cosmetics bags, to leave us feeling our best at all times.

Emotional brilliance consists of simply closing your eyes until you are ready to choose three colours which instantly stand out for you as an individual. These colours are matched to three different products, all of which reflect your emotional abilities and future prospects.  “The colours you choose are reflections of your inner being”, says El. “Then, whether you use the product as a lip tint or an eye shadow, it gives you a choice to dictate yourself through colour”.

With bold pink lipsticks named ‘BELIEVE – and you will see’ and eye shadows cutely labelled, ‘FANTASY – You’re allowed’, it’s no wonder Lush have started a make-up revolution. Girls are flocking to stores for an almost psychic cosmetics reading: it really is a true innovation for choosing which colours suit you.

Each product contains at least twice as much pigment than other cosmetic brands to ensure that your face stays on from dusk till dawn, with every product displayed in recyclable virgin glass alongside recyclable brushes otherwise known as ‘eco tools’.

Labelled ‘the delicatessen of the beauty world’ by Cosmopolitan magazine, Lush seeks to satiate that ‘cosmetics curiosity’ which every girl has within her. Whether it’s choosing between using a blusher or bronzer for the day or even if you have time for a face mask that evening, you will know that each and every ingredient will be kind to your skin.

Talking of kindness, the team at Lush have gone out of their way to get to know every single person who is involved in the cosmetics making process. From Fisherman Pete in Poole who harvests the seaweed for those rich moisturising masks, or the housewives in Turkey who lovingly pick individual roses that make it into scents and body butters. Each and every contributor is treated fantastically; they are even given a small mention on the underside of the product, accompanied by the date in which it was made, for a true indication of its freshness.

For your chance to be a part of the Lush cosmetics experience, simply step into any Lush store and ask to have you inner emotional brilliance released! Emerge with a brand new look and positive energy to boot – all whilst supporting the fight against animal testing and the importance of ethics in fashion and beauty. What’s not to love?

Skin Tint:



This skin tint is a great base for both day and evening make-up. It’s smooth enough to be mixed with any moisturiser to give that beautiful, healthy glow every girl covets and rich enough to be used over a foundation base as a light bronzer. The product glides on to leave you with a weightless feel whilst at the same time injecting a warm colour that suits any skin type. What’s more, it contains highlighting pigments that can be used to contour both cheek bones and eyebrows for a catwalk worthy appearance. A true beauty staple for any make-up bag.

Cream Eyeshadow: 

Quietly Motivated



A dazzling liquid eye shadow with enough sparkle to wow even the most make-up shy girls out there. This product does exactly what it says on the tin, by instantly giving you zest in the make-up stakes. Cover the lid completely to take advantage of autumn’s metallics trend, or use it as a liner by gently following your lash line into a point, 60’s style. There is no need to re-apply throughout the day as the true freshness of the product prevails in terms of quality; it stayed put and was easily removable with a face wipe in the evening – result!

Liquid Eyeliner:



This eyeliner is excellent; very long lasting, easy to apply and also easy to remove. Creates a dark, shiny black finish to eyelids, great for building with eye shadow for nights out, or a subtle touch of black for daytime. Would definitely recommend this eyeliner, such a generous amount that will last many Cardiff nights out.

Skin Tint: 

Feeling Younger 


This light reflecting skin tint is great for covering dark circles in the morning. It also works great for evenings mixed with foundation for a long lasting glow. I would recommend it for under eye touch ups but not for an all over face mix, as it gave the appearance of an uneven complexion.

Colour Supplement:

Light Pink


I have been using Light Pink as a sort of primer after my moisturiser and before my foundation and it has worked a treat. Designed for paler skin tones, the gentle cream base containing rose petal infusions (ultra soothing) and its lack of mineral oils make it oh- so wearable for even the most sensitive of skin. An absolute must for evening out your complexion and soothing any redness.


Eyes Right


As a false lash junkie I was assured that this little saviour would preserve and condition my lashes thanks to the Wheatgrass which is packed with vitamins and minerals. At first look the little bottle hardly looks adequate for lashings of volume and jet black lashes, however the Japan and Carnauba wax prevents the panda look and means it is gym and rain- friendly. A steal at £12.

Liquid Lips:



When given the choice of products to try-out this week, my eyes instantly darted towards this pot of coral liquid lipstick. I applied the lipstick at around 8 o’clock in the evening; 6 hours and numerous drinks later the colour was just as bright as when applied. Overall, the colour is amazing; you won’t have to keep applying it through the day or evening, and it won’t dry your lips out as it contains softening jojoba oil.

Translucent Face Powder:

Emotional Brilliance


This is an ultra-fine, light-reflecting face powder that can be used over foundation or on its own to even out your skin-tone. When first applying the powder it seems it would be a nightmare for people with dry skin. But don’t be fooled; the jojoba oil is ever so nourishing, especially for people with sensitive skin.

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