Must Have Fashion Apps

From banking to ordering a take away, mobile apps are everything for generation Z and the fashion world is not one to stray away from this norm. Find your aesthetic and be in the know of all things fashion with our rundown of the best fashion apps out there.

Vestiaire Collective – Cheap designer clothing and accessories? Sorry, could you repeat that? As a student Vestiaire is a dream come true. Recently I bagged myself a pair of Prada earrings from the S/S ’14 collection for an insane £60, which is almost 80% cheaper than their original retail price. Yes many items are pre-owned but when luxury comes at such great quality and student-friendly prices, you’re guaranteed joy and satisfaction when your parcel arrives. Not only can you buy goods, but also sell your unwanted stash, so bid farewell to that old pair of barely worn Loubs in the back of your closet and say hello to the Choo’s you’ve had your eye on from last season.


Vogue Runway – Every fashion lover’s go-to during fashion week, this app is our only chance to simulate a FROW experience from the comfort of our home. Besides the basic images, prepare to find interviews and backstage sneak peeks of industry gurus and models alike. With the app holding almost 12,000 collections dating back to 2000, it is the largest online runway archive available and place to be for fashion fanatics everywhere. Disclaimer: You may end up spending hours wishlist-ing like me, but at least you’ll be more knowledgeable of who wore what at the 2001 Elie Saab show at 7.25pm.

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Depop – Don’t cancel on your shopping plans if Cardiff’s weather is playing its wet tunes; give Depop a go to buy and sell from the comfort of your home. Simple and slightly addictive, this is a great way to procrastinate when you should be revising for those January exams. With millions of items to view, you’re sure to find something to cater to your needs (and wants). Just like opening your own little store but 100 times easier, Depop definitely has the best range of vintage fashion and brand new products from sellers who received a useless gift or made a regrettable impulse buy. Try using the tag ‘BNWT’ aka Brand New With Tags, to track such gems. Ultimately we recommend getting tucked up in bed with snacks for the best luck at finding bargains.


Polyvore – Whether you’re a fashion lover or not, it’s fairly easy to be spoilt for choice and spend way too many hours submerged in this app. Polyvore assesses your fashion taste to help become your personal shopper and pick out a range of new clothing, ready for you to view each time you open the app. It’s no surprise Nylon Magazine referred to the app as ‘extremely addictive’ when style inspiration from celebs and stylists is this easily accessible, saving yourself from asking pals to approve your OOTD. Basically a Topshop personal shopper experience but with no obligation to interact with humans, this is an ideal alternative for when you’re in no mood to venture into the great outdoors.


Tumblr – Not especially known as a fashion app, Tumblr is another source to find great style inspiration from like-minded individuals globally. Some of the world’s best fashion bloggers use Tumblr as their main blogging platform, so it’s a tried and tested method to get into the fashion journalism game. Besides allowing full freedom to individuals to play around with styles from goth to retro to minimalist, the emphasis of Tumblr lies with finding and creating your own style. Tumblr is a good start to getting introduced to the current trends on an international level and join a fun community.


StreetHub – Working together with some of the best independent fashion labels across the UK, Streethub is known for offering a different bespoke collection that stands out from the crowd. With access to what your favourite brand is up to as well as information like release dates, following your beloved designers has never been easier. More than just viewing, take joy in buying what you like with the promise of instant collection. What makes it different from average online shopping is the ability to follow trends and find pieces with total satisfaction of knowing it’s genuine. This app has featured in some of the UK’s VIP fashion magazines such as Company Magazine and is slowly, albeit steadily taking the fashion app world by storm.

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