My Freshers Outfit

Words by Suraya Kazzuz

Looking back to my first year of uni, when we were all doe-eyed, innocent, and had never even heard of COVID-19, I am able to see the beginning of a fashion journey. The realisation of your own personal style is a very intimate experience, some are able to figure out their style early on in their life, while others will still be switching up their style well into their adult life. I am one of those late bloomers.

My freshers’ fits left a lot to be desired, but I think I am able to see small glimpses of what would turn out to be staples in my current wardrobe. Now I’m going to get really vulnerable and show you some of my less than desirable first year outfits:

A mess. Individually the pieces of clothing could make a great fit, but together… absolutely not. I’m going to give you some crucial advice right now, DO NOT BRING A JACKET ON YOUR NIGHT OUT. You see that purple coat around my waist? It makes an appearance in a lot of my freshers fits because I never wanted to wait for the cloakroom, and a raincoat does not make for good night out photos. Just don’t do it.

Recognise those bathroom doors? That’s right, this was my first night at the SU. This outfit isn’t too bad. There’s a theme, the monochrome works well, but it’s nothing too revolutionary. I was definitely playing it safe with this fit. There’s nothing wrong with doing that but a pop of colour would have been a nice addition to this outfit. What is also noticeable with this fit is that I’m not wearing much makeup. I don’t think that makeup is necessary on a night out and you should definitely wear what you’re comfortable in, but now I can’t imagine going on a night out without any false eyelashes

My fits now are much more interesting because I’ve introduced colour into my wardrobe. I also look much happier in photos now because a major part of fashion is confidence in your sense of self. So, if you’re a fresher and you’re worried about your fits, don’t! You can only discover what you like by experimenting and trying it out, so just wear what you’re comfortable in and the rest will follow.

Words by Kristie O’Connor

Cardiff University’s fresher’s week is a time full of excitement, nerves, and most importantly, knocking back as many VK’s as you can whilst dancing at the student’s union. Because of this, the most important outfit that you can wear to freshers should involve being comfortable, as well as expressing yourself as an individual and encouraging your self-confidence.

Going to university is a fresh start; filled with new opportunities, new friends, and new experiences. Freshers is such a fun time, but this shouldn’t mean that you need to endure the pressure of being the best dressed in the room or thinking that you need to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes. When I was in my first year and attended freshers, a lot of my outfits involved jeans, flares, some form of crop top or bodysuit, as well as wearing my much-loved Nike air forces. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t own a pair? I definitely wasn’t the best dressed, but that didn’t matter to me. I felt comfortable in what I was wearing, which made me feel a lot more confident when it came to meeting new people, dancing, and socialising.

Freshers isn’t a red-carpet event, so leave the heels and Oh Polly dresses at Taly (unless that’s what you’re into), be yourself, embody your outfit, and have fun!

Words by Haris Hussnain

During my freshers in Cardiff, it was really cold so I wore a black wool coat and a black scarf. I wore this because it was comfortable but also weather appropriate. I also wore a fancy-looking face mask rather than one of the surgical ones, as facemasks were advised. I would recommend that all freshers wear something comfortable, but equally don’t go dressed like you’re about to hike Mount Everest. You want something easy to remove to stop you from getting annoyed by the heat in bars and clubs.

If I could go back I would probably wear a nice shirt and jeans. Maybe even a leather jacket. But, if the weather was cold or particularly bad, I would revert to my coat and scarf. Depending on Covid-19 restrictions I may or may not wear a fancy face mask again. I would, however, wear a bum bag instead of stuffing everything in my coat pockets. 

For any freshers reading, wear something that makes you comfortable, confident, and something that shows you at your best. By this I mean don’t wear the first thing get out your wardrobe. This also applies to your face masks, wear something that makes you feel good and not the standard blue plastic masks. If in doubt of what to wear, a university hoodie works wonders.