Online Sustainable Shopping Sorted

Words by Rachel Citron
Artwork by Social Cut on Unsplash

Often when sustainable shopping is discussed, charity and thrift shops spring to mind. However, despite the endless, amazing items that can be found, easy access may come between you and your favourite pair of vintage Levis denim jeans. Recent retail restrictions and social distancing for high street premises has changed current perspectives. Hence, the market for finding sustainable pieces online is ever-growing. Increasing numbers of stores and selling/buying platforms now populate this niche within the market. Here are six great options for online shops in which sustainable items can be purchased.


Depop is an amazing app that allows users to buy and sell pre-owned items. Sustainability grounds this app through users being able to buy second-hand products (which may also be unworn; still with labels!) from any seller on the platform. Users can search any brand from Urban Outfitters, Topshop, to vintage sellers crafting their own upcycling designs and innovative self-designs, so this platform is highly unique. The range of prices available is attractive, fitting any budget. Often sellers are also donating proceeds to great causes, thus the rewards of buying through this platform can be sustainability and charitable.

Princess Polly Vintage Tie Up Top Black


Ecommerce buying and selling platform Etsy is great for online sustainable finds. Anything from fashion items to beautiful accessories are offered on this platform. Many unique items can be found, perfect for special occasions or simply a treat to yourself priced within any budget.  On the website simply search sustainable and thousands of products will be available to view, making sustainable shopping a truly simple online experience.

Opal Ring

H& M (Conscious)

Popular fashion brand H& M have their own sustainable clothing with their Conscious items. Their website has a whole section dedicated to sustainable clothing, encouraging buyers to select the conscious concept pieces with insightful information about H &M’s sustainable goals for their entire brand. H&M have an established online presence and online shopping for this brand is simple; the green hashtag Conscious will clearly show which items fall into this collection. H&M is affordable and remains a firm fashion favourite.

Tapered Waist Jacket

ASOS (Responsible Edit)

ASOS is the perfect destination for online shopping with a vast number of fashion/beauty and accessory brands providing anything and everything for any shopper. Their Responsible edit makes it straightforward to shop with sustainability in mind, access over 2000 styles including unique reworked recycled materials or sustainable fabrics and materials. Price filters can be set to any range making it perfect for all budgets. Brands that are included with this edit are ASOS Design, Weekday, New Look, &Other Stories and Levis.

ASOS Design Premium wide leg jeans in lime acid

Urban Renewal by Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a hugely popular brand with a large online presence. The Urban Renewal section features sustainable pieces in which vintage materials are reworked into new creations and enticing bespoke pieces are available. This aptly provides both environmentally friendly vintage gems or unique quirky designs for sustainable shoppers. Many pieces are highly affordable, however slightly more expensive vintage pieces can be purchased.

Urban Renewal Inspired by Vintage Daisy Floral Velvet Flare Trousers

People Tree

Online retailer People Tree is another great option. The brand truly centres around creating items to the best ethical and environmental standard. Many diverse pieces of clothing exuding an effortless chic vibe can be purchased from this website. Their jewellery is beautiful with many great sustainable finds within this section. Plus, a huge factor which makes this website popular is the affordable price range. People Tree avoid the common high price tag of ethical goods and are expanding sustainable shopping to even more consumers by providing fashion conscious customers with elegant, desirable choices at and good value for money.

Margot Trousers in Pink