Review: YSL x Elle Beauty Masterclass


To celebrate the launch of YSL’s fresh off the boat Touche Éclat Le Teint foundation, Elle Beauty School and Debenhams beauty got on board and created a masterclass for the public to have some fun and test out their new formula. After no hesitating on the Golden VIP tickets kindly offered to us, off we went and what a fun day it was indeed, with goodie bags and a face of art that we wish could’ve been on longer! Here about it all from our lovely correspondents who represented Quench Fashion at the Cardiff event on Saturday 9th April! 

Many thanks to Sophie Beresiner and Fred Letailleur for making this possible! 

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By Sarah Harris:

Contouring is a craze that’s growing more and more absurd every day in the Makeup industry since the Kardashian family announced they’d been using the trick for years. I thought the Elle x YSL High Definition Contouring workshop would be useful since most of the contouring skills I’d obtained were from spending time procrastinating on the hugely popular ‘Huda Beauty’ Instagram page. The class was delivered by Elle Magazines, Sophie. I’ve been using MACs Studio Sculpt foundation for years so I was excited to try a new foundation. Fred, the European MUA for the company managed to match every attendees skin tone to a suitable  tone of the Touche Éclat Le Teint foundation which was a light, liquid. Personally, my skin has always been more suited to cream foundations but this one did give a good sheer coverage and an overall satin finish.

We then moved on to the actual contouring itself for which we used Les Sahariennes, which was a thick cream contour. I found the cream a little hard to blend in as it was too thick and the overall contour wasn’t as ‘high definition’ as I’d hoped it would be. However the blending brush may possibly be one of the makeup brushes I have ever used! The sleek black brush had a ‘Y’ shape at the end, which allows makeup artists to pump their foundation into the shape and apply a perfect amount for full coverage. The next step was the highlight for which we used the popular Touche Éclat which give a light shimmer and accentuated cheek and brow bones perfectly – was definitely one of the best highlighters I’ve ever used. Overall, the masterclass have some good tips to leave you with a nice contoured face and if you’re a makeup enthusiast like me, I would definitely recommend purchasing the blending brush and the highlight!



By Chloe Allen: (@ChloLAllen)

The foundation was a smooth liquid, extremely light and matched, by eye to our skin tones. We were asked to blend it in ourselves using a stunted YSL brush, which made the application process really easy and effective. We were all allowed to keep our sample that meant we could recreate the look at home. In terms of application, it was really easy and only required a small amount of foundation, which despite its price tag really made it an affordable but also a luxury purchase. The actual process was really rewarding. We were all assigned a workstation and ipad with Sophie and Fred guiding us through the intricacies of application. We began by applying a light moisturizer and primer, which enabled the longevity of the product. Next we were supplied with three different Touché Eclats, one lilac, one peach and finally a green one. Each pen performed a different function, the green for counterbalancing the natural red blemishes, the peach for abolishing under eye circles and the purple for counterbalancing the yellow hues or sallowness of the skin.

Step by step Sophie made the tutorial easy to understand, fun and exciting. Next we attempted the actual application of the foundation, buffering it in with the prescribed brush. The product went on really well; it felt light and matched my skin tone perfectly with more of a gold undertone than a pink. Next, it was time for us to really master the intricacies of contour, the primary purpose of the class. We were all given a selection of blushers, from pinker tones to more of a gold or mocha tone. I opted for a gold brown, which I began to apply in a sweeping motion from my temples curving round to the apples of my cheeks. We used the same brush to apply the contour, which I then touched up with a plumb brown to really enhance definition and enable a pronounced contour performing somewhat of an optical illusion. Finally we completed the look by using the classic Touché Eclat to really highlight and correct the cheekbones, forehead, inner eye, Cupid’s bow and temple.

The overall look appeared polished and professional similar to Sophie’s herself. The main tips and techniques that Sophie and the Yves Saint Laurent team taught me really centered around taking your time and applying less to achieve maximum effect. The look was inspired by less is more, sun kissed summers and to almost look as natural as possible. The master class was fun, professional and effective in establishing how much makeup can build confidence if applied correctly!

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