Skin ache

We’ve all been there, a couple of weeks of partying. A couple of weeks of falling asleep in your make up, of shaving of tweezing of not enough sleep and grab and go meals. Christmas is not kind to your skin. But it’s nearing the end, the big day draws closer and you’ll have just under a week for some intense skin rehab before a big New Years blow out. Here are our tips on how to best use your time in rejuvenating your poor neglected skin.


Really give yourself a good clean all over with a pair of exfoliating mitts, and get out all the dirt that may have built up through falling asleep in your party face or that third drink that someone dropped on your head. You’d be surprised what can get missed in your daily shower.

Everyone needs spoiling from time to time and if you can’t spoil yourself at Christmas when can you? Pop down to Lush and choose a facemask to cure what ails ya.

EVERYWHERE! Face, belly, knees, behind your ears, really everywhere. Don’t bother shelling out for 1000 different potions, we recommend Nivea soft as a fantastic all over cream. Also please don’t forget your lips, those little guys are probably screaming out for a moisturising balm.

Eat right
What you eat has a real impact on the clarity of your skin, here are some tit bits you may be surprised work wonders for your completion: Peppermint tea, red grapes, nuts, tomatoes, eggs and most importantly water. Make yourself up a box full of rejuvenating foods and get snacking!

They call it beauty sleep for a reason. Get your head down and catch some z’s, skin doctor’s orders.

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