The Best of 90’s Trends

Take a trip down memory lane and revisit + bring back the fashion scene of the nineties when stepping out of your house was the way forward in order to show off your OOTD! What a long way we’ve come!

Caution: Abrupt nostalgia and ‘feelings’ may occur.

Ripped Jeans

ripped-jeans-90sgreat-levis__width_420 Vogue Paris No.946 - Avril 2014

Born in the grunge era and sported by the likes of grunge artists Kurt Cobain and Salt ‘n’ Pepa, ripped jeans are back and they’re bigger than ever. Whether boyfriend or skinny, stonewashed or coloured denim, these distressed jeans have had a fashion revival, and their ‘wear to the ground’ quality exudes effortless cool. Popular amongst style savvy students and off duty models, ripped jeans have also taken centre stage in the catwalk shows for Diesel and Just Cavalli.  The explanation? The beauty of this trend lies in its ability to be dressed up or down. Whether teamed with a working girl blouse and kitten heels or paired with your go-to trainers and a ‘rolled out of bed’ t-shirt, ripped jeans continue to rock the fashion world. The downside? A practically unquestionable string of ‘you know your jeans are ripped?’ related remarks.


90s_fashion_dungarees_annasophia_robb_19hvj6r-19hvj7g asos-mw-dd-article-90s-trends-01

Think 90s queen Kylie Minogue and Jordan from New Kids on the Block. Once labelled as the uniform of country bumpkins and crawling infants, the 90’s born overalls trend is now making a serious comeback on the fashion scene.  From short styles to full length and vintage wash to floral, dungarees are dominating the high street in an assortment of playful varieties, particularly online stores such as ASOS and Boohoo. To gain serious style points with this trend, team with a white tee and a retro pair of jellies or Birkenstocks for a major 90’s throwback.  Or look to the likes of Alexa Chung and Sarah Jessica Parker for celebrity fashion inspo.  If you are one to avoid this trend for fear of entering ‘oompa loompa’ territory, look for high-waisted styles that give the illusion of longer legs, as well as a rocking pair of ankle boots or statement heels.

Crop Tops: 


This dare-to-bare trend is everywhere you turn and the 90’s phenomenon is set to work the fashion scene for many years to come. In the earlier years of the decade, the crop top first appeared as a bustier and later went on to take the form of a babydoll shirt, as well as incorporating long sleeves and turtle necks. Popularized by Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and the likes, the crop top has since evolved and become the fashion staple of many girls’ wardrobe.  Although this is a trend that comes with a tummy baring risk, there are a variety of styles to flatter a number of figures, whether you are looking to expose envy provoking abs or take a more subtle approach with the exposure of the midriff. If you are overly conscious of baring too much flesh, pair with high-waisted jeans and an oversized shirt for a good old 90’s fashion flashback.

Berry Lips: 

470eb5e3aa139c849747effe2bbb4802 beauty-90s-icons-neve-campbell

If you were too young to get on the berrylicious bandwagon back in the 90’s, now’s your chance to swap up your red tones for the darker hues because this season berry is the new basic. Bold and brave, sporting a berry lip was normalized by the likes of Clara Bow in the ancient days of the 20’s and right then, an everlasting statement was made. Make the jump and replicate Gwen Stefani’s extra deep plum lip circa 1995 or keep it low-key by playing with sheer shades to see what best works for you. Go crimson, go matte, go ox-blood red, go glossy. Either way there are endless options to suit every skin tone, screaming a win-win to fangirls of the teenage witches in The Craft. The trend may come and go, but research statistics (agreement from the #girlpower @ Quench) prove it deserves a special space in your make up collection.

Chunky Flatforms: 

3662301050_2_4_1 e2e608ccf130f0970133c0bcb8656daa

Breaking News: A tween dream come true for the short and tall alike, the sky high flatform sandals you once showed off at any given opportunity is now considered ‘glam-hideous’ by many. Reproduced from the cringe-worthy albeit classic thick sole and stretchy fabric that covered the top of the foot, the variety of their chunky children on offer now puts great pressure to choose ‘the one’. Whether you recall them as flatforms, creepers or the most inventive of them all; stretchy sandals, their existence has especially been appreciated by the musically talented from the Spice Girls in ’97 to Charlie XCX in 2013. Although no brand strayed away from his footwear craze, owning the Steve Madden version was potentially THE game changer to get that all-access pass to the sisterhood. *Cue our original remix: “If you wanna be my sista, you gotta get with the trends” with optional hair-flip & finger-snap*


41QVSo53fsL._UX466_photo 2-3

At age twelve, realization of the true meaning of chokers was far-fetched and too irrelevant to consider. Fast forward two decades later and although as adults we recognize the unpleasantness of the name, it remains secondary to our fond memories of Sabrina the Teenage Witch associated with it. The production of Gatsby-worthy beads to minimalist metallic cuffs only prove the versatility of the choker and how far it has come, floating the line of being a nod to the past and totally present. A symbol of anti-establishment then is now the perfect solution to up the neck game of yesteryears. Goth or not, slightly punk or not, bohemian empress or not – go ahead and challenge the choker stereotypes. The return of the choker was the showstopper at the A/W ‘15 catwalk as well as with Kylie Jenner, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus flaunting their new statement pieces; it’s safe to say this neck jewel is here to stay.


By Cara Bills & Jamila Gandhi