The Blogging Starter Pack


Fleur Bell|

The immense success that Fleur gained via her blog is something even she fails to quite comprehend. A highly trafficked website, three busy YouTube channels, a book making the charts, a collaboration with Eylure to create bespoke eyelashes and a booming social media presence. The list goes on and it’s no surprise that she’s got a handful of projects in the works. Most people may know her as “Fleur De Force” as she once upon a time wanted to keep her real name hidden. Fleur explains, “I didn’t want to have my surname [Bell] in there at the time; it was the Internet and I didn’t know if I wanted to share my full name. Now, if I started out again, I probably would just have my full name because it’s easier.” So if you happen to face the same fear, just get creative with your stage name and you might see your products on the shelf on your next shopping trip!


Lily Melrose |

Full time social media consultant as well as lifestyle blogger, Lily is one of those people that got lucky finding success in what she considered a hobby. One to thrive on multitasking, she entered the blogging world with two blogs; the first focusing on fashion and lifestyle while the other catered to her love for beauty. Yet today she’s the proud curator of only one domain on the internet. Blogging since 2009 when she was just 20, Lily chose to join YouTube in 2012 to try something new, a fruitful decision which saw her popularity in video form, transfer attention onto her blog. When she isn’t being a busy bee, this English blogger and vlogger enjoys fangirling when celebs like Paul Heyman notice her, a comforting fact considering we do the same.


Estee Lalonde |

Recently making news with her feature in Darling Magazine, Estee Lalonde’s success is a true example of the potential bloggers have in today’s digital age. A proud Canadian now residing in London with her boyfriend Aslan and beloved greyhound Reggie, Estee’s interest in food, interiors and travel besides fashion and beauty makes her blog an all-inclusive package. However you’re more likely to come across ‘essiebutton’, her stage name inspired by the pet names given to her by her grandparents and Aslan. But, don’t be fooled as her aesthetic is anything but cute as a button. Always in search for a challenge and new adventure, Estee’s experiences and wise words make for good stories to read for when you’re low on motivation.


Becca Rose |

Becca’s journey began at age seventeen back in 2011, temporarily under the name of ‘voussontbeuetbelle’ but now officially recognized as just ‘Becca Rose’ on and offline. The living stereotype of a female in its truest form, Becca’s style consists predominantly of pinks, whites and florals which are reflected in her lifestyle, fashion and beauty centred blog. A strong advocate of comfort being key to achieve confidence, it’s no surprise Becca’s reigning the British blogging scene with one of the largest following at such a young age. Whether it’s her love for pugs and flatlay or detailed personal experiences, Becca Rose is growing and is possibly a force to be reckoned with.


Curated by Mared Parry & Jamila Gandhi