What Our Contributors Will Be Wearing To Their Summer Lectures

Stuck for fashion inspiration for the next few weeks? Look no further! 3 of our contributors discuss what pieces and trends they’ll be wearing as we hopefully head into the warmer months.

Words by Milla Foster

After two summers of restrictions, masks, and loungewear, summer 2022 beckons for a time of travel, socialising, and style. Whether it’s just a BBQ at Bute Park or a trip to Barry Island, this summer is for looking and feeling your best.

My past go-to outfits for the sunny season have consisted of floral dresses, short skirts, and a multitude of crop tops, but I feel this August requires more effort and consideration. Graduation outfits are in the online shopping basket and the termination of undergraduate life symbolises a new era. I feel like the bandeaus, flares, and dirty white air forces stage of my life has very much been concluded. The impending interviews and office outfits eagerly await which call for a more ‘Zara-esque’ look. But ‘adulting’ does not need to be boring or expensive. A new passion of mine has caught alight, Vinted, Depop’s less sinister younger sister. It has channeled my former Urban Outfitters addiction into a sustainable lucrative enterprise.

My 2022 summer style is going to encompass linen and cord oversized shirts, white dresses, mules, and squared sunglasses. I have booked a 2-week interrail tour around the Spanish, French, and Italian coast in July, so packing needs to be light and sensible. I have told myself to invest in key pieces that go with everything e.g., a satin black midi skirt and white trainers. Gone are the days of fad tight see-through £10 Missguided dresses, if the pandemic has taught us anything about style it is that comfort is key.

Words by Sophia Chew

This summer I will be focussing on elevated basics. With a newfound love of capsule wardrobes, my summer looks will focus on staple pieces that can be elevated with accessories or smaller on-trend items. Having mostly neutral items also allows for a lot of interchangeable outfits that can carry across seasons. One of my absolute favourites are high waisted straight-leg suit-style trousers, they’re comfortable, chic, and you’re able to dress them up or down. For a summery dressed-down look, I love to wear my beige pair with a square neck crop, oversized shirt, and all-white trainers. But, for a dressed-up look, I will switch the shirt for a blazer and the shoes for a comfy heel.   

I take a lot of my inspiration from the queen of elevated basics, Matilda Djerf – she doesn’t compromise style for comfort and swears by her staple pieces. Although we can’t all accessorise our outfits with an incredible blowout like Matilda, some accessories I’m excited to incorporate more into my summer looks are baseball caps and bright cross-body bags, (lilac, orange and green are definitely colours of the season). Having not been a hat girl previously, adding them into my capsule wardrobe has allowed me to add another element to my outfits that brings a sense of put-togetherness and interest, I especially love how they look with cycling shorts and most athleisure wear.

Words by Nicole Wong

With the slightly rising temperatures in Cardiff, it’s exciting to predict that winter is gradually leaving. There are still 2 months left before summer officially begins, and now is the perfect transition period to organise your wardrobe and decide what you’re going to wear in the coming summer!

The clothes in my wardrobe are mostly neutral colours like black, white, and beige as I always believe simple colours and items work the best. Those colours are what I’m most confident and comfortable with, and comfort is what I prioritise when picking up my outfits. It’s not like fashion and style are unimportant, but they usually come second. For me, fashion is not what everyone is wearing, but rather what I feel most comfortable in.

In terms of what I’ll be wearing this summer, I’m going to follow a style that I have affection for lately, which is “Athflow”. Athflow was a trend prediction on Pinterest in 2021, which stands for “athleisure” and “flow”. When athleisure meets elegance, that’s Athflow. Oversized outfits, smart casual wear, and cosy materials are emphasised in Athflow. Sweatpants, blazers, shirts, and sneakers are universal elements when matching Athflow outfits. It’s all about cosiness and minimalism. For those who like cosy outfits but also want to look stylish, Athflow is an ideal choice as it fits multiple occasions like coffee dates, yoga classes, and even the office at some points. To be more specific, if I was on a beach date or cafe date with my friends this summer, I would wear a plain bralette, a high-rise sweat short and a thin shirt as outerwear.