Bang Tidy Events: Transforming Cardiff’s Local Music Scene

Friday the 29th of November saw a refreshing makeover for Cardiff’s music scene in the heart of Cathays. ‘Bang Tidy Events’ organised a night of local art, music and booze for people wanting something different from Cardiff’s nightlife. Louis Jugessur, founder, and organiser of Bang Tidy, confirmed that he wanted to combine all the things he loves (which is of course, music, clothes, and booze) within the current climate of the flourishing music scene in Cardiff and simply, he wanted to provide a space for this to grow.

The event was held place at the Conservative Club (not in any way affiliated with the Tories, don’t worry) on Wyeverne Road, right in the heart of ‘student land’. When walking into the venue the vibe was relaxed, informal yet interesting with different clothes and art stalls catching our attention, each exuberating their own individuality. We suggest checking out @mythsntits and @duckfattatties for one off vintage pieces and great artwork (pictured below), we couldn’t help but buy some of their art for our own bedrooms! From the start of the event, it was clear that this was an environment where you could be your authentic self, and the music only exemplified this.

The first music act was EXXXTASY, an alternative band who brought an electric vibe to the start of the night with their diverse style of music. Following this came the soothing sounds of singer / rapper Ellice da Beast. The indie geniuses behind Bandicoot then proceeded to fill the room with electric atmosphere, and Pigeon Wigs eventually brought the show to an exhilarating end. The mixture of musical talent on display at the Conservative Club that evening created a sense of community that has been so desperately needed in Cathays recently.

Quench Features were lucky enough to speak with Louis, the mastermind behind Bang Tidy Events, to find out exactly why he wanted to create this original space and hold this event in the first place. Louis is a 27 year-old Welsh postman who, after gigging in his spare time, came to realise that there was little-to-no opportunities for up and coming artists and musicians to promote their work within the local Cardiff community. Thus, Bang Tidy Events was born…

What was your biggest motivation for starting Bang Tidy Events?

To give the talent the city has to offer a platform to show people what they got. There isn’t another event in the city like it, where people can buy locally designed clothes/artwork and listen to local music. Cardiff is flourishing at the moment – it just needs the space to grow! I always wanted to do something combining the things I enjoy most which is music, clothes, and cheap booze and this event ticks all those boxes.

How does this event benefit Cathays as a wider community?

I hope this event benefits the local community if anything just to give people a great night out! Things are pretty dark at the moment, so having a space where people can feel safe and let rip is special. I hope this event gives the working-class people of Cardiff a scene they can be proud of with no bullshit.

With the closure of Cardiff’s music venues over recent years, why is it more important for people to come out to events and support local artists?

It’s so important for people to come out and support independent events. With the closures of venues across Cardiff the bigger venues are now trying to monopolise the local scene and promote the bands they favour. These venues are often run by white middle class types, so they tend to push bands that fit that vibe and often overlook so many other great local acts. Being an independent event company gives us the freedom to choose artists/ designers of all backgrounds! 

A number of independent clothing brands were selling items at your event. In your opinion, why is it important to try and shop sustainably in this way?

It’s so important to shop sustainably! A lot of the people selling clothes such as Bean Head, Citrus Grove and MythsnTits rework one off vintage pieces. This is so cool because they’re ethical and also unique, so you can be pretty confident that no one is going to be wearing the same thing as you!

We love the emphasis the event has on inclusivity; why is this important to you as an event organiser?

Inclusivity was a vital part in starting the event simply because it’s more fun! The event is a party for everyone so having everyone represented is essential. 

What is your vision for Bang Tidy events?

My vision for Bang Tidy is to start a monthly night where the best music and clothes are displayed for the lovely people of Cardiff to enjoy. Things have been tough lately, so I just want people to have fun and maybe forget about that shitty job for a few hours! Creating a night which people from outside of the city would be keen to play would be great. Bristol is close to us so creating an alliance with Bristol bands would be amazing, Cardiff bands could create connections with Bristol bands and vice versa this would be cool!

How can our readers get involved?

Your readers can get more involved in the local music scene by going out to shows and helping the bands out by buying a bit of merch! Being in a band isn’t cheap and a little financial support goes a very long way. Even sharing your favourite bands stuff on social media is a massive help! Bang Tidy Events are also open to acts/ designers of all styles so your musician/ artist readers can get involved by dropping us a message on Instagram (@bang_tidy_events) it’s as easy as that!

Written by Georgia Meropoulos and Maddie Balcombe

Photography by Sahina Sherchan