Cardiff’s Study Spaces

As our spring term assessments begin to creep up, we asked our contributors to reveal their favourite study spaces…but keep them quiet!

Courtney Moody on Juno Lounge, Roath

Juno Lounge is a quirky café bar situated in the heart of bustling Roath in the centre of Cardiff. The lounge is formed of quirky décor and a laid-back vibe, providing a complimentary space for study with comfy sofas and pine tables, allowing easy access to plug sockets – which can be a lifesaver when your laptop is running low on juice.

Speaking of juice, the Lounge provide a variety of snacks and drinks, including gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan-friendly options to keep you fuelled throughout your study time. I highly recommend the sweet potato fries; you won’t be disappointed! Free Wi-Fi is of course a given, and the venue is also dog-friendly; so, you will be sure to greet a wagging tail or two during your visit.

Juno Lounge have a stylish roof terrace which is a calm and tranquil setting during the summer months, so why not bring along your study notes in prep for exam season and sip a sweet latte in the sun? Whatever the weather, the café bar is sure to meet your study needs and musts! 

Ella Clucas on Wild Thing, Cathays

Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Cathays Terrace, Wild Thing boasts an always warm and cosy spot in which to knuckle down. A particularly good choice if you like to start early, Wild Thing is open from 9-4 only on weekdays, perfect for day time workers who like to relax on the weekend! The cafe is quiet in the mornings, and though it picks up for an hour or so during the lunch rush, the afternoons are usually pretty low key. The staff are incredibly friendly, the place is littered with luscious plants and always smells divine, which adds a calming ambience to the stress of working hard.

With locally sourced coffee and a “pay what you can” lunch option, the menu is friendly on budget, and everything is plant based and mostly organic, so you can be kind to your purse strings and kind to your planet whilst you read a book or plan for an assessment. So, if like me you struggle to focus with too much noise or overwhelming music, and a good oat latte keeps you going, Wild Thing is the workspace for you.

Devika Sunand on Coffi Co, SU

When it comes to study spaces, I am not really a fan of libraries. I like some rush and aroma around me, and this makes cafes the perfect study space. Coffee Co is a small cafe in the student’s union, and in terms of it’s accessibility, style and comfort it completely works for me. You can also enjoy your favourite coffee which can help you focus for longer on your work! The staff are so friendly, but the real highlight of this space is its interior which is so warm and comforting that you can’t help but study. Also it’s in the student’s union, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any events. Be it essays or exams, now you know where to rush to!

Georgia Evans on Blue Honey Local, Cathays

A visit to the library for me, is reminiscent of intense, caffeine-fuelled, panic-stricken power hours. Every time I set foot in spaces designed for focus and academia, my brain becomes incapable of attending to the task at hand. As much as I love the ASSL, I find it more mentally stimulating to work in aesthetically pleasing places that don’t fill me with absolute dread.

I initially ventured into Blue Honey Local on City Road for a glass of red in the Yurt. As I stepped foot in the bustling bar, I could imagine myself working against the abundance of lush greenery that lines the walls. The large benches placed in front of wide windows provide so much space for working, and the cafe proves to be a lot quieter in the day.

Blue Honey Local provided the perfect atmosphere to crack on with some writing. Not only do they make the best coffee (using no dairy – oat milk is their go-to), they also make the sweetest vegan and non-vegan treats.

The only slight downfall is the lack of wi-fi, but if you’re looking for a visually stimulating but calm environment with coffee on tap, and enjoy studying to the soundtrack of Lo-Fi hip-hop, I’d highly recommend.

Sarah Harris on Hanoi 1991, Cardiff Arcades

A few months ago, I was introduced to the cutest little Cafe by a friend. Hanoi 1991 is a Vietnamese Coffee House located in the Royal Arcade. Unlike Starbucks and Costa, Hanoi has a homely exterior, both upstairs and downstairs which feature not only wooden benches but also a sitting area in which you can make yourself truly comfortable with your laptop and sit on the floor. Not to mention, their Coconut Coffee is one of the best coffee’s I’ve ever had.

Although the arcades are home to some of the most quaint coffee shops in Cardiff, Hanoi is definitely a good place to get some work done, especially if you’re in the need for some coffee or have a spare hour or 2 in between lectures. It’s also a few minutes away from the Cardiff Central Library if you ever need a change of scene. Did I mention it’s super instagrammable if you ever want to make your friends in the ASSL jealous?