I’m Not Ready to be Ready! Preparing for University Life

By Hannah Stait


Starting Uni can be worrying (and by that I mean absolutely bloody terrifying) to most, especially if you suffer with anxiety as I do. Whether you’re about to begin your first year, second or even final year of your degree – don’t fear – because I have been through it too and I have tips to make it easier for you. Organisation is key and the best thing to do is write yourself a list for everything. Packing for halls – list. Getting supplies for your course – list. Need to know how much vodka to buy – list. You get the picture, anyway,

It sounds dull but things like lists can make sure you know what you’ve accomplished and what you still have to do, it’ll save you time and you won’t have any of the ‘oh god I’ve forgotten something’ feeling.

One of the important things to note is that whatever you’re doing, your mental health should always come first. Make sure when you begin the uni year that you’re registered with your local GP and get yourself registered with the uni wellbeing team. You can get an appointment with the click of a few buttons and if you struggle with your mental health like I do, this team could be of big importance to get you through the hard days.

Just remember that when those assignment deadlines are coming and you’re struggling to find your feet in the chaos of it all, that you are not alone in it all. As cheesy as it sounds, there are hundreds of students feeling the way you feel, they get it. So don’t be afraid to talk to people if things are getting tough, because believe me when I say that everything will work out in the end.

For me, the scariest part of going to uni was wondering how I’d get to know people. Anxiety can be cruel and for this reason I looked to societies and clubs – after all, why not get to know people who share your loves and passions? For me especially, when I started my course I was quiet, withdrawn and I felt like I wouldn’t find my place. After going to the freshers fair, I found Quench and suddenly it was like I knew where I was meant to be.

Uni suddenly became more fun than stress and I wasn’t worried anymore. The best news is – there’s a society for absolutely everyone and if there isn’t one for you, you can try to start one!

University shouldn’t be something you feel you have to do, it should be something that you look back on and go ‘I have absolutely no regrets.’

So go to freshers events, join that society, knock on your roommates door and take those chances… you never know, it could be the best thing you ever do.

Don’t get me wrong, starting uni can be scary as hell but if you prepare.. Hey it’ll still be scary but at least you’ll have a little bit of weight off of your shoulders. They never said University was easy, the struggle is most definitely real but there are ways to make it easier, so don’t worry – I’ve got your back!


If you’ve got any worries, or you’re struggling and want some advice, send your agony aunt a message, I’m sure she’ll be able to help!

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