New Year’s Resolution Inspiration

January is nearly over and the excitement of the new year has faded. Whilst the January blues set in, the new gym kits lie screwed in a heap underneath the boxes of yesterday’s Domino’s pizza . Quench writer, Rachel tells us about her 2016 revelation and how she’s managed to keep the up her goal into the late stages of January. You go girl!

New Year’s Resolution: Shop Less. Exercise More.

Shopping vs exercising.There isn’t really a question for me. I love both. Yet, I don’t really do as much exercise as I’d like and I spend a lot more money on cheeky purchases than I should. So, why don’t I exercise more?

But first, let’s tackle the shopping issue. I enjoy food shopping, gift shopping, furniture shopping and most importantly clothes shopping. I have spent hours, even days of my life shopping, and loving each and every second of the experience. When a new V neck jumper is brought, or a new dressing gown, relaxation and happiness kicks in. But they do come at a cost. I spent £40 on that velvet black V neck jumper online and £35 on a M&S dressing gown. But that £75 made me feel so special and worthy. Working hard and having a strong work ethic should be rewarded, but I realised I spent a lot of money regularly.  Just like when I buy a new Pandora charm or when I buy Gucci sunglasses, I feel a spark, a relationship forming. You will to have that special something which makes you feel irresistible. Whether it be gaming, cooking, gardening, drawing etc. Bring that excitement and energy to your local park, your local gym or even a quiet room in your home and work your body to the max, but try a sport instead. I was running to sale openings, running to get the best Christmas present. Quick. Quick. Buy. Buy. Always, run, run, run. Running was my new best friend. So, hey presto! Exercising more is my new goal for the new year.

Ironically, I started my exercising journey by buying sports outfits, clothing just for exercise, no other purpose. When the sports gear is on, I have to exercise. I can’t avoid it. By wearing these clothes I tricked myself into believing that I enjoyed exercising or that I have always done it regularly. After all, if I’m going to sweat, I may as well sweat in style. If you’re aiming to start being an exercising junkie this year, I recommended you don’t buy high priced sportswear to start with in case you do not keep up with regularly exercise straight away. It will take time to readjust your lifestyle to fit your exercise needs, but I can promise you, you will find it enjoyable.

Well as a university student I have to keep an eye on my money. Money is something that all of us students watch, unless its a night out in town, but that’s always a special occasion. As for exercising, I always find excuses for other tasks. I should be doing: my university essays as well as extra study class, working part time, socialising with family and friends or reading for my course or for pleasure. But no excuses! It’s cheap enough to exercise, especially as a student. You can get cheaper memberships to gym, free classes, and a good place to start are sports societies!

Shopping and exercising give me the same buzz now. The realisation of this helped me save money, get fitter and have a better lifestyle. I have more money for outings, money to keep back to save up for a holiday or a new car. Fundamentally, I have a healthier mind and body to enjoy my shopping and exercising adventures even more. Watch this space!

Written by: Rachel Nurse