Love coaching: The next best thing for singletons?

In the last six years, the personal development coaching industry has caught the attention of many. The business has doubled in size since 2015, with its value now reaching $13billion per year. It is an industry designed to guide individuals down a path of positive self-transformation, where they can find fulfilment within themselves.

A particular area of this is ‘love coaching’ which is similar to life coaching, but instead focuses on ‘finding your soulmate, and getting yourself where you want to be physically, romantically, and emotionally’. Although a love coach doesn’t aim to be a matchmaker, it does help in the way of providing you with the tools and mindset to find a partner. One notable event in the industry is an event called ‘Dear Woman’, which is ran by love coach Robert Burale and aims to target single women searching for romance. It is a day filled with various speakers who aim to inspire, entertain, and educate the attendees about themselves and their love lives. The main part of the event centers around Burale’s coaching where he offers advice and guidance to motivate these women to be more confident on their route to romance.

With an increase in awareness of issues related to mental health, wellbeing, and personal struggles, I feel as though the love coaching industry has evolved at the right time. Although, these coaching sessions do seem to be rather pricey, as one-on-one coaching can sometimes cost up to $8,000 a month, the intentions behind the industry appear to be for the right reasons. Due to the ever-changing dating scene, which makes finding love much more difficult, you can begin to understand why people are utilising this industry, even if it is costly. Searching for love with another can feel impossible, let alone when you hold yourself back due to self-doubt and self-sabotage, so having guidance from an expert is a logical step towards this goal.

By Livvy Adams

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