Road To Recovery

Feeling rough after Freshers’? Features are here to help you.

Here at Quench, we know as well as anyone how overwhelming the Freshers’ fortnight whirlwind can be. So, to save yourselves from hitting the real world with too much of a bump, here are our top ten tips to have you raring to go.


Sleep. Whether it’s in your own bed, in someone else’s bed, or on your kitchen floor… it’s about quantity, not quality. But make sure you crawl out from under the covers at some point to do the following…



Drink lots of water. It will make you feel one hundred times better. It will also stop you from getting alcohol poisoning any time soon.




Avoid that dreaded freshman fifteen…Remember, it’s all about healthy food as well as those delicious, late-night takeaways. Balance is best. No-one wants to pile on the pounds!



A Berocca-a-day keeps the Freshers’ flu away. Headaches, coughs and colds are usually unavoidable by-products of Freshers’. But take your vitamins, stock up on some painkillers, eat some fresh fruit and leafy greens, occasionally try to hit the pillow before 1am and you might just pull through. Oh, and don’t forget… please use a condom.


Get to know your housemates. They are the ones who will be around to let you in when you’ve lost your keys, console you when you have just done that dreaded walk of shame and, more often than not, share the pain of your hangover. Getting communal could also help you on the money front. So share food, share stories and cwtch up on that sofa.



Avoid the post-Freshers’ pinch. Money seems to run through our fingers like water during Freshers’. So if you haven’t spent your entire loan in the first 18 hours, take advantage of freebies, walk instead of taking taxis everywhere and don’t feel like you have to buy everyone drinks to make friends. And guys, don’t be lazy with your supermarket shopping; a further five-minute walk to a cheaper store could save you from financial ruin.



Get in with the societies. Join a society, it’s a must. Whether it is sports, student media, Act One, or even the Tea Party Society, there’s something for everyone. It’s a real opportunity for social recovery if you haven’t had a good Freshers’ week. If you’ve managed to sleep through all of the fayres, don’t panic! Get yourself down to the Union to see what’s on offer.




Get out and about. Bute and Roath Parks are the biggest and best places in town to escape halls for some fresh air (your room may smell a bit stale after hours of partying). Fresh air can help kill that hangover, and with a few bangers on the BBQ (weather permitting) and a couple of mates in tow, you’ll be back on form in no time. Or, if you’re not feeling too fragile… a few cheeky ciders in the sun!



Socialise sober. Drunken nights are not always the best way to meet people. Find a good hangout place for the morning after. That way you will not face complete social doom if you have embarrassed yourself the night before. Catch up on last night’s antics, share stories and try to piece together those lost hours.



Go to your lectures! Not only is it why we are here in the first place, but it is also a great way to meet people with similar interests to you. Who knows, you might even learn something!


By Rebecca Newby and Helen Cameron


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