Struggling to study-from-home? Three Quench contributors share their tips…

Alexa Price

Following Cardiff University’s decision to make all students partake in online lessons at the beginning of the year, I have actively been making decisions to try and ensure that my studying habits are much healthier than before the pandemic. These unfortunate circumstances have made me realise the importance of having a specific, tidy, space dedicated to working and studying.

Without clutter or distractions I am able to get into the headspace of working a lot quicker, which then allows me to study much more efficiently than before. It also ensures that I am able to recognise why I cannot focus with ease, and has put the importance of taking breaks into perspective. Study breaks for me tend to consist of time with friends (whether virtually with those at home, or physically with my flatmates!), meditation, walks, or even sometimes just to complete simple tasks like making lunch.

I find that having similar daily routines allows me to allocate particular hours of the day to study, when I find that I work the best. For example, I always try to complete studying for the day by 6pm; being a morning person always makes sure that I get tired quite quickly, which means working past then will usually result in mental burnout – something I wouldn’t recommend one bit! 

Muskan Arora

It’s been a year since we’ve been stuck in the lockdown. Remember when it began? All of us were excited and nervous, we thought we have more time to make our day better and productive. Since none of us have ever been in a similar situation, soon enough we started getting exhausted, feeling lonely and couldn’t focus on our academics well. The semester started and the assignments started pouring in without letting us time to catch the beat. Easter break is a perfect time to pull up your socks and get it going!

Firstly, it is extremely crucial to drink water and wash your face at least 2-3 times a day, it keeps you fresh and gives you that slight break between heaps of assignments you need. Snacking, the underrated heaven, is important to rejuvenate our body every time we feel drained, whether while studying or not. Make your study place very cosy and bright. Keep some artificial or indoor plants around. Outdoor regular exercise is important to keep you healthy and releases endorphins, which make you happy and relaxed. Keep in mind to redecorating your room frequently as it’ll be a good change and wouldn’t get gloomy. Sticky notes are the best decoration when you need to remember something, paste them on the wall and keep glancing at them whenever and if you feel like keep adding more notes. 

While it can be extremely challenging to study from home, always keep your window open, let the fresh air in and just know that this too shall pass. Just don’t forget to give yourself enough cheat days!  

Kristie O’Connor

It’s the thing I’ve struggled with the absolute most since the beginning of COVID-19 and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Studying from home has become a chore; with lack of motivation being at an all-time high for most students.

What has been the most effective tool that has helped throughout the pandemic is a routine. Although rather basic, it ensures a sense of organisation. This has not only helped me in terms of how much work I can achieve, but also how I feel mentally. I wake up at the same time every day (almost), ensure I write a to-do list of what I would like to achieve, as well as structuring in some form of exercise. It makes me feel productive. Within a time where it seems you can’t do a lot; I still feel as if I’ve achieved something every day.

It’s also crucial to have a balance; I’ve found self-care to be essential as a motivation towards studying. Whether that’s yoga, a skincare routine or even just drinking plenty of water. Looking after yourself and making time to prioritise you, can ultimately reinforce a positive perspective towards trying to study.

Wishing the best to all Cardiff Uni Students!