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Favorite Cinematic Partners in Crime

Peter Mayhew and Harrison Ford in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) Photo credits: IMDb and Lucasfilm Ltd.

Han Solo and Chewbacca from the Star Wars franchise
Words by Joshua Allen

When thinking of partners in crime in cinema, none seem more iconic to me than Han Solo and Chewbacca from the Star Wars series. Since A New Hope released in 1977, Han and Chewie have become nothing short of iconic and they are arguably some of the most well-known ‘partners in crime’ in film.

Whether it is smuggling goods or fighting for the rebellion, it is very rare that you see Han without Chewie. The loyalty that the two have for each other is extremely powerful and is perhaps why their dynamic is fascinating to the audience. The blueprint is simple: wherever Han goes, Chewie goes. Throughout their adventures we see the two friends go through many hardships, from getting tangled with the rebellion to defeating the empire. 

The depth of their friendship is shown especially in The Empire Strikes Back, as Han is taken captive by bounty hunters and frozen in carbonite. The distraught Chewbacca throws multiple guards in an attempt to save his best friend, letting out a distressed roar as he is subdued. This scene, among many, demonstrates the depth of the bond that the two have. Their dynamic is made even more compelling due to both the similarities and the differences the two share. Both are extremely loyal and they can both be rash and emotional at times, yet Han and Chewie couldn’t be more different when it comes to appearance and size. 

And, with Han being the only person who can understand Chewie, it makes their dynamic even more unique. Overall, the two smuggler friends turned rebel fighters will forever be some of the best ‘partners in crime’ to grace the silver screen. 

Molly and Amy from Booksmart
Words by Maya Deane

What could be a better example of an iconic cinematic duo than Molly and Amy from Booksmart? The heart-warming coming of age film focuses on the tight-knit friendship between the pair, and how it is impacted by their rapidly approaching graduation. The night before they graduate, Molly suddenly has the horrific realisation that they have “wasted” their high school experience by choosing to prioritise hard work over partying, not realising that their peers have managed to balance both. In a last ditch attempt to ensure that their high school years aren’t a total write off, Molly and Amy have the wildest night of their life trying to track down a party to crash, and shake off their nerdy representation before it is too late.

The film is a perfect example of a strong friendship that has lasted many years. Molly and Amy know everything about each other, perfectly matching each other’s dorkiness, and are shown to hype the other up and give advice on how to talk to their love interests. It’s a wonderful dynamic to watch on screen. I mean, for a huge part of the film they rock a matching jumpsuit and beret combo, and I feel as though that speaks for itself. 

Of course, they face a few bumps along the way – it is revealed that Amy has planned a gap year abroad without telling Molly for complicated reasons, which leads to a bitter fall out in front of a full room of partygoers. However, they reconcile and bounce right back into their partner-in-crime dynamic, and when their graduation dawns, they take to the stage like the absolute queens that they are. It’s honestly an awesome thing to watch, and will warm anyone’s heart.

Doc and Marty from Back To The Future
Words by Megan Evans

When I was a lot younger, my parents introduced to me an iconic film that they both cherished when they were my age entitled Back to the Future. The film encompasses a friendship like no other between Marty McFly and ‘Doc’ Brown, as an experiment accidentally transports Marty back in time to when his parents first met. A whirlwind of events throughout this film shows us the timelessness of friendship across years, and the faith in having trust in those that are the closest to you, regardless of age or gender. These two men, despite their age differences have similar interests despite first impressions. Marty is a young, inspiring musician and Doc is a mad scientist, but they are both drawn to helping each other out in various forms. Not just to ‘get back in time’, but to support each other through a crisis. 

A spoiler which determines this friendship as a key one for many budding films to take notes on the big screen, is where Doc ‘dies’, but he actually listened to a note that Marty in the past wrote for him, even though Doc never likes ‘messing with the past, as it changes the future’. 

Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc.
Words by Katie Waits

From the jazzy opening theme, the timeless jokes, and the iconic characters, Monsters, Inc. is definitely an unforgettable, well-loved film. What makes it especially unique and exciting are the protagonists, Mike Wazowski and James. P, Sullivan, also known as Mike and Sulley. When I considered my favourite movie friendships, these two monsters came to mind immediately. 

Mike and Sulley have been through everything together – university, work, and even exile – which has only served to strengthen their friendship. It’s clear, from the very beginning, that they mean a lot to each other, despite their differences. Throughout Monsters, Inc. (and the prequel, Monsters University), they always have each other’s back. When Mike forgets to file his paperwork before an important date night, Sulley offers to do it for him. Mike is the same. Although he doesn’t fully understand Sulley’s need to protect Boo, a human girl who could threaten the future of Monstropolis, he tries his best to keep his pal out of trouble. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

Breaking rules, lying, and defying authority, the duo are literally partners-in-crime as they try to get Boo back home safely, before shifty old Randall gets to her first. Through all of this, the only time they really argue is when they’re exiled. I mean, that’s reasonable – anyone would be mad if they were trapped in a ‘frozen wasteland’. However, they both eventually talk it out, reconcile, and save the day. They are the perfect team, especially when it comes to battling bad guys and later, completely remodelling Monsters Incorporated. Even after it all, Mike painstakingly rebuilds Boo’s door after it’s shredded, so that Sulley can see her again. It’s all incredibly heart-warming. 

Despite everything, their friendship endures, which is likely why, many years on, Monsters, Inc. remains a Disney-Pixar classic.