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Five Films For a Freshers’ Hangover

So Freshers’ is technically over, but the repeated games of Ring of Fire still continue and are beginning to take their toll. Why not watch one of the following to perk yourself up a bit? 

1.Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001) – “Instead, I choose vodka and Chaka Khan”, and just like Bridget, we really wish we hadn’t. We can’t help but sympathise with her during her plight to win the man of her dreams while avoiding being digested by Alsatians. The perfect film if you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself.

2. About a Boy (2002) – Contrary to what you may believe, this piece isn’t an attempt to pay homage to Hugh Grant and Brit-coms, it’s just that this film simply can’t be overlooked. Marcus (Nicholas Hoult) is the epitome of a nobody, mainly due to his uncontrollable urge to sing out loud during lessons, making all those embarrassing things you did last night feel a little more bearable.

3. Big Daddy (1999) – Here, we see Adam Sandler’s attempt to raise a child with some hilarious consequences. The soothing tone of his voice alone will almost be enough to rid you of that banging headache, and if that doesn’t work, you’ll forget about it laughing at his somewhat unorthodox methods of parenting.

4. What Happens in Vegas (2008) – It doesn’t matter how many times you fell over in TigerTiger last night, just be glad you didn’t end up married to a stranger. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher provide a perfect example of how not to survive as a married couple, with the help of their even more hopeless friends.

5.Finding Nemo (2003) If all else fails, throw on this Disney favourite. The comical relationship between Marlin and Dory will have you giggling, and at least you wont be the only one that can’t remember anything from last night.


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