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Monsters University

Becky Johnson previews Disney Pixar’s upcoming prequel to 2001’s Monsters, Inc.

Release date: July 2013

After an 11 year wait, anyone who tries to deny their excitement for the return of our most beloved monster duo Mike and Sulley are simply wasting their time. Pixar have made an interesting decision to feature the pair in a prequel which gives us a look at their time at college together; think pre-drinks in Talybont set to a Spandau Ballet record.

Perhaps the concept of an animated prequel is one that may finally work, a good storyline minus the sighs of disappointment which are often heard as an actor attempts to convincingly take on the role of their ‘younger self’ or worse still, having an alternative actor fail to fill their shoes.

The trailer may be short, but it’s enough to give us hope that the film will be just as dryly-humorous as the first and with another 11 years of practice under their belt, Pixar’s ever-increasing cinematic capabilities are indisputable.

There are actually four slightly varying trailers which fans need to look out for, each featuring a different opening line from scarer-turned-comedian, Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal); so get ready for many a frat-boy prank and fingers-crossed a film which only helps to deepen our love for the Monsters Inc. franchise. BJ

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