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Review: Stath Lets Flats

At this current time, we have a huge wealth of comedic talent coming through and performing in Britain. This talent is predominantly demonstrated through TV shows. In recent years, we have seen wonderful shows such as Fleabag, This Country and Lovesick charm our screens, to name a few. Many of these shows are not only featuring outstanding British talent but also have been written by their stars. BBC Three and Channel 4 have been the most successful suppliers of these series. Often these shows interlink with the actors that they use and the depth of talent continues to grow with each season that is produced.

Most recently, Stath Lets Flats has hit our screens with a surprisingly large impact. Jamie Demetriou, previously of Lovesick and Fleabag, has seized an unknown gap in the market and created a comedy about the ridiculous London real estate business. Demetriou stars as the titular character and, as predicted, plays an idiot of a realtor who couldn’t buy himself a sale despite his best efforts, this gives the viewer a hilarious position of watching an absolute train-wreck as he switches from flat to flat, even trying to steal a co-worker’s deal in the first episode. Demetriou does not only focus upon verbal comedy but also uses physical comedy to great effect in order to elicit laughs from his audience. This gives a lighter feel to proceedings and allows the audience some easy viewing. Demetriou, is aided competently by his sister, Natasia, who plays Stath’s dim witted sister, Sophie. Sophie could potentially offer a duller and less comical storyline – although often apparently irrelevant, Sophie is an enjoyable character whose potential love interest in ‘Al’ offers us awkward moments of flirting. Both Demetriou’s focus upon their natural awkwardness to get the most out of their characters and the show revolves around the lack of embarrassment these two have, despite moments of truly unbearable stupidity. The irony here being that Demetriou is far from unintelligent, having produced such a wonderful show which can be thoroughly enjoyed by all.

By Jack Vavasour