Freshers Foodie Tour Of The City

Cardiff Bay in the freshers foodie tour
Cardiff Bay in the freshers foodie tour
Credits: Shining Darkness, Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Freshers week is a whirlwind of partying and meeting new people and this foodie tour of the city aims to give a bit of guidance for your first exploration in Cardiff. Venturing outside your flat, let alone the student union may seem a little daunting at first but these edible treats will be worth the effort. I’m sure your parents have filled your cupboards with endless amounts of rice and pasta but after a heavy night that doesn’t always cut it, does it? While you’re in your first few weeks of uni and can actually afford to eat out make the most of it! I could go on and on about good places to eat in Cardiff but this guide aims to provide a starting point for what’s on offer.

Quaint arcades

There are a few arcades scattered around the city centre of Cardiff, full of hidden gems to explore! One of the best places to stop for a cuppa and a piece of cake is Barker Tea House. Their brownies are out of this world and their milkshakes are delicious, quirkily presented in oversized glass milk bottles. It may be a little pricey, but with a cool atmosphere it’s definitely worth a visit.

The ultimate fry up

The most important meal of the day is often the best hangover cure. If you’re living in Talybont then the social centre serves up a decent full English for a very good price, however, if you fancy making your way into town then there are a few good options as well, such as Bills and Café 37.

Deli-cious delicatessen

Tucked inside the royal arcade is Wally’s Deli, an emporium of delights for any fanatical foodie. From an amazing array of olives and cheeses to craft beers and fine wines, there’s something to grab everyone’s fancy.

Unbeatable burger

The Urban Taphouse is a curious little joint, it’s shabby and bare decor make it feel less homely pub and more cool bar. This restaurant is a lively spot and always full of locals, a good sign in my books! Unlike the extensive beer and ale options, they have a very limited food menu, but what they do offer, they do well.

Burgers in the cardiff foodie tour
Credits: Alpha, Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Off the beaten track

If freshers partying is taking its toll then check out Gassy Jacks in Cathays. They do a pound a pint night and often have live music and events to keep you entertained. Their chicken wings are delicious too!

Dinner with your parents

If your parents are dropping by then there’s a good range of restaurants around Mill Lane and the Brewery Quarter as well as some cool bars for cocktails. With every world cuisine you can imagine, there’s plenty of options to keep the whole family happy.

Drinks in town

Peppermint and Mocha lounge on Mill Lane serve up some exciting drinks, but be wary of the service charge if funds are running low! Teak is also a good choice, sit on the rooftop terrace and sip away the evening (if it isn’t raining for once!)