Hubbox Review

Words by Indigo Jones, Sasha Nugara and Hannah Penwright

Images by Indigo Jones

Amongst the many restaurants alongside the atmospheric Mermaid Quay in Cardiff Bay lies a new burger chain called Hubbox which has recently opened up to the public. Our section editors were lucky enough to be invited to their VIP night, where they were delighted to try their variety of burgers and sides. Following the meal, they decided to write a collaborative review discussing their thoughts on the menu, the atmosphere and their experience within the restaurant!

When arriving at Hubbox the staff couldn’t be more inviting, we were greeted at the door with smiles hidden by masks and many friendly faces. The restaurant itself was very warming, with dim lighting and the comforting light of candles and music that created a welcoming atmosphere. Unfortunately, the music was slightly too loud for my liking, normally I wouldn’t have an issue but due to COVID protocol and the need to wear masks I struggled to understand what the staff were saying.

Indigo Jones

The drinks menu included a variety of options including milkshakes, non-alcoholic drinks and an extensive cocktail menu. Personally, I’m a sucker for an Aperol Spritz and couldn’t turn down the opportunity to have the refreshing beverage. The fruity drink perfectly accompanied my meal and worked as a fresh palette cleanser. 

As for the food itself, I ordered the Buffalo Blue burger, which is a buttermilk chicken burger with buffalo sauce and blue cheese mayo. I wouldn’t normally order a chicken burger, but the combination of buffalo and blue cheese was too much for me to resist. It was delicious and the spicy sauce contrasting with the cheese was delightful. The buttermilk patty itself was crispy and full of flavour and has potentially changed my opinion on chicken burgers forever.

As for a side I ordered the Mother Clucker Fries, which were skin on fries topped with sour cream and Korean BBQ buttermilk chicken. The combination of sweet and sour from the BBQ and sour cream was gorgeous, and it’s something I hadn’t previously tried so I enjoyed it all the more.

The portions were incredible, and you definitely receive value for money when ordering here. Although, the insane amount of food meant I was unable to try one of their desserts which sounded gorgeous. I will definitely be attending again in the future but next time will not order anywhere near as much food!

Sasha Nugara

Before October I had never heard of Hubbox before, and now I’ll never forget it. The décor was warm, cosy and inviting with its dim and low lighting. The furnishings were wooden and there were red neon signs dotted on the walls. The restaurant gave off classic burger joint vibes with a modern twist giving it an originality that intrigued me.

The staff were engaging and showed a clear interest in their customers, which, in a COVID cautious world, was a welcome change. They stayed attentive throughout the evening, consistently offering their services, successfully providing us with a continuous flow of drinks. 

After so many wins for Hubbox, the food and drinks did not let the side down. I ordered the kali chick chicken burger and swapped out the grilled chicken breast patty for a buttermilk fried chicken breast. The taste combinations were amazing with a chorizo jam that offered an intense and rich flavour alongside the chicken. The chipotle mayo offered a light level of spice, whilst the guacamole and rocket cut through the richer, oilier flavours and created a subtle palette cleanser. I love fried chicken more than anything, and I felt the crunch worked perfectly amongst the flavour combinations. I also managed to sample some of the big kahuna beef burger which was an absolute meat feast with two 4oz patties and a mountain of pulled pork. Topped with an onion ring, it was a real treat and great value for money. For me, the chicken burger took the cake, but if you are a mega meat lover, the big kahuna is the one for you!

 My favourite drink of the evening was the Long beach iced tea which had a delicious orangey, alcoholic twang and went down with such ease. The espresso martini was equally enjoyable and acted as the perfect digestif to such a filling meal. I will definitely be returning to Hubbox, its location calls for a day out in the bay with a burger and a beer!

Hannah Penwright

Often, I avoid going to burger restaurants because the focus can be so much on the beef and chicken options, that the vegetarian and vegan options can get overlooked. There’s often only one meat-free option available which takes away the excitement of getting to choose something you’re really craving. However, Hubbox really delivered with five vegetarian and vegan options! There were two vegetable-based patties, a halloumi patty, and two burgers with plant-based patties. It was the perfect scenario where every single of these burgers sounded so delicious, that I’d have been a very happy customer with any of them.

Nevertheless, I went for the Swiss Julie, which is a plant-based patty topped with creamed garlic mushrooms, vegan cheese, lettuce, and vegan garlic mayo. Whenever I see ‘garlic’ and ‘mushrooms’ on anything I am so there for it, and this burger did not disappoint. The garlic flavour was the perfect amount and didn’t overpower the rest of the burger, and the vegan cheese was beautifully melted, and I wouldn’t have known it was vegan at all. As soon as I picked the burger up, all the mushrooms fell out so I ate them separately- but they still tasted amazing.

Alongside my burger, I ordered the skin on fries and halloumi fries. The skin on fries were hot, fresh and crisp. My only criticism is they were slightly too salty for my liking, so next time I’d probably ask for no salt so I could choose how much I put on them. I wouldn’t normally order both chips and halloumi fries, but I am so glad I did. The halloumi fries were probably the best I’ve ever had, and there were so many options of dips to have with them. I went for the BBQ sauce which made them tasted deliciously smokey and cut through the salty cheese perfectly.