New Year’s Foodie Resolutions

Photo by Kristian Løvstad on Unsplash

It’s officially 2021 and, as the classic saying goes, new year, new me. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve come up with resolutions on January, spanning from less carbs, to more exercise. This year we wanted to find out what food and drink related resolutions were popular, and whether they were worth trying ourselves!

Less Alcohol by Abi Edwards

My New Year’s Resolution for 2021 is a popular one – I’m planning on cutting down my alcohol intake. Many of us are guilty of over-indulging on alcoholic beverages, especially after this year with the pandemic. With pubs and restaurants closed for the majority of last year, many people resorted to drinking alcohol in the comfort of their own homes.  It was revealed by The Guardian that UK shoppers spent £261m more on alcohol when the 10pm curfew came into place for bars and pubs in September. Zoom drinks and the “neck and nominate” social media challenge have also been popular and have provided fun for those living in a very dark time.

Dry January is already popular, but it will be interesting to see if more people participate this January because of their increased alcohol intake in 2020. Also with the hospitality sector closed in Wales due to the lockdown, it may be less tempting for people to desire alcohol and instead focus on a happy, healthy start to the New Year. It’s a given that cutting down alcohol contributes to a healthier body, mind, sleeping pattern and more money in your bank account. Granted, I’ve enjoyed Christmas, but now it’s time to make better choices, and 2021 will be that perfect opportunity.

No Takeaways by Kimberley Jones

We all love a good McDonalds, Chinese or a Dominos, but after having too many in a week our bank accounts no longer appreciate a takeaway. So, for my foodie resolution I’m going to do No Takeaways in January in the hope of saving money and eating more healthily.

Despite takeaways often seeming cheaper, with their low-price foods and the multiple deals that are available, it is quite deceptive. Food delivery apps always charge delivery fees and sometimes even a service fee, which all adds up and ends up being more expensive than first thought. To stop myself buying a takeaway and save money, I will plan my meals for the week beforehand and shop for food ingredients locally or in low-priced supermarkets like Lidl.

But saving money is not the only reason, most takeaways are greasy and full of fats that aren’t good for you and may include ingredients you don’t know about. So instead of indulging in these unhealthy meals, I’ll try and make my own ‘fakeaway’, following recipes from BBC Food and the Tasty App to create meals similar to takeout foods. The benefit is that I will be saving money as I can bulk cook these meals, freeze them and eat them another night and use healthier ingredients/alternatives to improve my diet.

Veganism by Zahra Nadeem Ahmed

Come 2021, I (like many others) want to take the leap into becoming vegan. If you told me 5 years ago that I would willingly give up cheese pizza and halloumi, I would think that future me is crazy. But with the plethora of new vegan options and alternatives out there, normal cheese has become old news for me. A major factor for me taking the plunge was watching countless documentaries on the negative environmental impacts factory farming was having on our eco-system. With carbon emissions being at an all time high and Climate Change having devasting effects on the environment; becoming vegan was my subtle effort to be more green. Another more personal reason for me to transition into veganism was being recently diagnosed with IBS. Digestive issues have been part of my life since I was little and finding a diet that suits me and is sustainable has been a difficult task. After listening to the vegan chef ‘Deliciously Ella’ speak about her success with a plant-based lifestyle and how it has solved many of her health issues; I am hopeful that the diet will have a similar outcome for me also. I am optimistic that ‘becoming vegan’ unlike my past resolutions will be a more long-term diet change and more broadly can also be a lifestyle change.