Review: Munchesters

Dylan Jenkins gets all wrapped up in Cardiff Central’s newest lunch offering, Munchesters


It’s match day and i’m sitting downstairs at the large window of munchesters, one of Cardiff city centre’s newest ventures, wrap in one hand and a coke in the other, watching the streets overflow with Welsh and French supporters. This new lunch venue stands out on Trinity Street, its green banners boasting wraps, salads, pastries, coffee and soups, tempting the passers-by.

Wraps are the establishment’s main feature and there’s a variation on offer, from 24 hour cooked lamb to 8 hour beef – each as distinctive as the last. Today my co-editor Emilia and I tried the chicken and chickpea wraps, each on offer as part of their meal-deal – £3.50 for a chef’s deli wrap and a can of soft drink.

The wraps themselves were delicious, each boasting unique and distinct flavours, served in chapati style wraps, which are made fresh each morning and were softer, warmer and fresher than most wraps I’ve had before.

The creamy chickpea filling was my favourite of them both. Its honey yoghurt and coriander relish blended beautifully, resulting in an exciting balance – sweet, with a burst of freshness. The chicken wrap was nearly as good – its warming ginger complimented brilliantly by the kick of paprika. Munchesters is the work of award winning Purple Poppadom’s chef anand george and it shows.

We also sampled some sweets: their sticky passion fruit macaroons were melt-in-your- mouth tasty; their mocha truffles offered the bitter bite of coffee over good, soft chocolate. I loved their carrot tea-cake, its nutty, carroty texture went deliciously with its rich, soft icing. I was surprised as to how much I enjoyed their white chocolate, infused with mint and pistachios, resulting in an exciting and memorable flavour.

However, the meal deal wasn’t massively filling and choice of drink was minimal (there’s an array of other drinks that aren’t included in the meal-deal). But here, you pay for flavour so if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s worth the money. their modern interior is fresh and inviting, and there’s a lot of small touches that add up, making it a noteworthy destination for a coffee, snack or speedy but really tasty lunch.

Taste sensation but lacking in substance. Nevertheless, it gave me the munchies.

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