Review: The Cosy Club Cardiff – Alice Fairbanks

cosy club pork belly
Slow-Roasted Pork Belly

Alice Fairbanks gives us her review of The Cosy Club, a mainstay of Cardiff’s city centre.

I had heard that The Cosy Club was a genuinely cosy place, and after a sufficient amount of time spent there, I can confirm this.

The décor is rustic and thrifty, but with a grand entrance to the main restaurant. All of the details and little touches are what charmed me about The Cosy Club. They had old lampshades and mix-and-match furniture that gave the restaurant a rugged-cool charm, personified by the casually dressed waitstaff. The Cosy Club’s attention to detail in its interior pays off, as it successfully conveys a relaxed and cosy vibe. The charming look and feel of the restaurant was matched only by its great food; I didn’t really expect it to be anything too special, just good, honest food. However, I was mistaken.

Cosy Club - Pork Belly
Slow-Roasted Pork Belly

My boyfriend Tom and main courses along with a couple of cocktails each. For food, I had the slow-roasted pork belly (£12.50), whilst Tom had the ‘Hero’ burger (£10.75). Both certainly exceeded expectations. My pork came with kale – a nice change of veg – and a ham hock and pea fritter, which was a nice addition to the already gorgeous slab of pork. And it’s these lovely details that set the Cosy Club apart from your average restaurant. Another example: Tom ordered an extra mushroom for his burger, and it wasn’t just a plain old mushroom, it was fried in herbs and garlic – a pleasant surprise. That’s what sets elevates The Cosy Club’s food and gives it that extra something special.

Cosy Club - Hero Burger
The Hero Hamburger

Now, for our most anticipated part – the cocktails. Even though I still stand by my favourite (or once favourite) choice in cocktail bar being Browns, The Cosy Club still gave us gorgeous cocktails. I had a Mojito (£7.75) first, followed by a Cherry Bakewell (£7.95), while Tom had a Sloegroni and a Daiquiri (£7.50). All were lovely and, characteristic of the restaurant, each had a little twist, apart from the Mojito (though there was an option to make it a raspberry one).

Cosy Club - Daiquiri and Cherry Bakewell
Jamboree Daiquiri and Cherry Bakewell
Cosy Club - Mojito and Sloegroni
Mojito and Sloegroni

All things considered, The Cosy Club is definitely somewhere I would visit again. The only downside to this place is that it is a little pricey on a student budget, but it is worth it as a treat. I would most likely revisit for a few drinks rather than for food, just because of the price. However, for an occasion it is great, and you could easily be spoilt here.

– Alice Fairbanks