The Best Takeaways in South Wales for Your Next Weekend Treat

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Nothing beats a takeaway to enjoy some of the best food Cardiff and Swansea have to offer, so we’ve asked our contributors to tell us about some of their favourites! From sushi to vegan chicken, there’s something for everyone here in South Wales!

Chilli Flames – by Clara Boon

There is a plethora of takeaways in Cardiff to choose from. You are simply spoilt for choice with the likes of Deliveroo and Uber Eats showcasing so many different cuisines. In my second year of university, my best friend Josh introduced me into the world of Chilli Flames and we would order one at least once a week. Hungover? Chilli Flames. Hangry? Chilli Flames. With two locations in Cardiff on City Road and St Mary’s Street, and also on the food takeaway apps – there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it! My go-to order from the Nandos-esque menu is normally the Flaming Pitta, which is a soft naan bread filled with chicken, salad and perinaise sauce. I would normally accompany this with their peri wedges. They do some reasonably priced meal deals and sometimes do a special student discount offer too– so keep an eye out.

Frango – by Eve Davies

Image by Fábio Alves (via unsplash)

If ever visiting Swansea, you can always rely on Frango for your chicken fix. Found on Uplands Crescent, surrounded by bars and pubs, Frango is the perfect place to grab some food after drinks with friends. They also do deliveries to make your chilled night in that extra bit tasty. Frango specialises in authentic Portuguese chicken inspired by family traditions and recipes passed down through generations. Their chicken is marinated in their special sauce and grilled over open charcoal flames to give it taste and spice, without the deep-fried grease.

They also have vegan options including a vegan plant-based chicken tortilla wrap, which I can confirm is delicious. It is served with baked sweet potato crisps, hummus, and fresh salad. Vegan takeaway never tasted so good! Their signature sauces include zesty lemon mayo and paprika ketchup made with juicy ripe tomatoes & rich smoky paprika. Their chunky potato fries come in generous portions. Their quarter, half, and whole chickens are succulent and sure to fill you up, giving a taste of Portugal without stepping on a plane. So next time your in the heart of Uplands check out Frango. You will receive 20% off your first order!

Breatos – by Clara Boon

My boyfriend and I both went to Cardiff University, but only met recently whilst I was back home in Oxfordshire. We bonded majorly over the fact that we are major ‘foodies’, and especially over our shared love for burritos. Strangely, our favourite place to grab this Mexican delight was at the Breatos shop located at the ground floor of the Cardiff Student’s Union. Sadly, we never met there. Our eyes didn’t romantically lock over the sight of a burrito salad box either like in a rom-com film. However, as soon as I stepped into the shop in my final year of Uni and watched the server freshly make the wraps in front of me, I knew that it was love at first sight for this takeout and me. My personal favourite is the pulled chicken burrito, with mixed beans and salad. However, you can add hot sauce for a zingy kick or even more veggies to personalise your own wrap! Back home in Oxfordshire, my Breatos’ loyalty card sits sadly on my dressing table and awaits its next stamp. Until we meet again Breatos (and please don’t forget your loyal customer and number one fan!)

Yo! Sushi – by Rosenwyn Dorrell

Image by Pille R. Priske (via unsplash)

Thanks to my sister-in-law, I realised that there is a Yo! Sushi in Cardiff! Now, I love sushi and fish and rice and avocado, so Yo! Sushi has got to be my go-to takeaway. It is slightly on the more expensive side, but I would rather have one takeaway a month and have sushi. The best dish on the menu has got to be the Crunchy Prawn Roll. It tastes like crisp battered prawns paired with perfectly ripe avocado, wrapped in soft rice and just a hint of mint. Chef’s Kiss!

In the Cardiff restaurant, you can order them fresh or you can pick them up in store pre-packaged. I have done both these options and they are both just as tasty and both made fresh during the day. I have attempted to make my own sushi rolls and nigiri (the rice rectangles with the fish on top) at home but nothing I have made beats the soft and squishy beautiful flavours of simple ingredients cleverly combined that is Yo! Sushi.

It’s also great that the big Tesco Extra has its own Yo! Sushi section too! And the best thing about it is that sushi is really good for you. Fish, rice and veggies- nothing else to it.

If you fancy supporting some of the independent takeaways Cardiff has to offer all in one place, then make sure to check out Indie Eats.

What’s your favourite takeaway? Make sure to let us know!

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