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New Music Friday: We chat to The Goa Express

Credit: The Goa Express

By James McClements

Up and coming Indie-New Wave rockers The Goa Express are a lively Manc bunch who shamelessly reek of Northern spirit and a carefree outlook on life.  Their new track The Day is a fantastically upbeat tune featuring psych-laden keys, raw guitars and tight drums reminiscent of a group like Parquet Courts or Shame. Frontman James Douglas Clarke revealed that the track’s about “moving out to university and getting caught for doing sh*t whilst there” and obsessively chants against his day being “taken away” by the usual campus antagonists.

Recorded at Champ Zone Studio in Sheffield, a space set up by Fat White Family member Nathan Saoudi, this lush and abrasive track borrowed from Nathan’s production style and vintage studio gear.


I spoke to bassist Naayam Muza from the band to find out more about the track.

What was your biggest regret from University?

Probably paying 9 grand a year for it.

You mention getting caught smoking something by security in the track, were you more Stoner boys than Sports lads at Uni, and how would you describe your scene there? 

We got caught doing more than that but we’re a PG band so had to keep some limitations on the lyrics. And anything but the sporty LAD type. However I mind footy and placing a few acca’s if it wins me some dollar.

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to? 

The Brian Jonestown Massacre in 2014. We were about 15 and stayed out all night in the streets of Manchester. Let’s just say we met some dodgy kind. Was a magical night, literally.

How was recording with Nathan Saoudi? He is known for some unique and substance-fuelled production techniques. 

Recording with Nathan was a blessing. He has an extremely good ear for music which made the recording process a laugh. As for the substances we won’t mention that haha.

‘The Day’ Single Artwork

Are you fans of Fat White Family and the South London scene? 

We are big fans of Fat Whites and the scene down there, I’ve probably seen Fat Whites more than any other band if I’m honest, every time my heads been blown off.

How are you finding the Manchester scene? Are there any other local bands to watch out for? 

The Manchester scene is great, the people and the venues have a good spirit and it’s good to be a part of. Spawned the best music for numerous years so hopefully that still keeps kicking. As for local bands our good friends Gardenback, The Bleaches, The Big Peach and Document are mint. Blanketman too.

What’s next for the Goa Express?

Onwards and upwards that is all.

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