Book Recommendations Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Illustration by Anna Kerslake.

by Suraya Rumbold-Kazzuz


As a serious and independent person, Capricorns will often reach all of their goals and do everything they set out to do. These are some very admirable traits, but sometimes Capricorn you could do with some light-hearted fun. This is why the book Everything I know about Love by Dolly Alderton is great for you. The novel will feed your appetite for more serious topics but will also leave you laughing with its hilarious narrative. 


Aquarius you are an imaginative, original and uncompromising thinker. You know what you like, and you stick with it. This is why, in-keeping with your traits, I recommend 29 Seconds by T.M Logan. This book is extremely innovative and stimulating as it tells the story of a woman named Sarah who receives a call from a complete stranger letting her know that she can give them one name, any person on the planet, for them to make disappear. This novel will keep you thinking and fulfil your need for innovation.


Pisces you are an affectionate, empathetic and wise person. Your caring and nurturing side is prominent. The novel What Red Was by Rosie Price is a good pick for you. This novel explores the effects of trauma and the courage it takes for a young woman to speak out against her abuser. This book will touch the attentive and kind-hearted aspects of your personality and teach you about the effects of your actions. 


As a dynamic and competitive person, sometimes it can be hard for you to slow down Aries, this is why Less than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis should be a good choice for you. Although the small novel was released over thirty years ago, it is still relevant today. This novel is disturbing and stimulating, but will definitely slow down the pace of your often rapid lifestyle.


You are a strong, dependable and creative person Taurus. For that reason the novel Tweak by Nick Sheff is a great pick for you. Nick tells us the story of his battle against his drug addiction and his journey before becoming sober. Nick also happens to be a creative as a writer and artist – perfect for you Taurus. As a bonus you could also read Beautiful Boy by David Sheff, which tells the story of Nick’s struggle with addiction from his father’s perspective.


Gemini, you are expressive, curious and kind. This is why the novel Allegedly by Tiffany Jackson is a great pick for you. The book follows a young girl who has been accused of murder. You love a good twist and will find great satisfaction in trying to figure out who committed the crime. Your curiosity will be fulfilled with this one. 


Your intuitive and compassionate nature is admirable. A great recommendation for Cancer’s would be Women Don’t Owe You Pretty by Florence Given. This novel is great for a caring and sentimental Cancer as it delves into feminist conversations which are grounded in being caring and loving towards your community. Cancer you are emotional and loving, this book will be a great way to stimulate these aspects of your personality.


Leo’s are known to be outgoing and self-assured individuals. Your courageous and fiery nature means that you are often a force to be reckoned with. For this reason the novel Diary of an MP’s Wife: Inside and Outside Power by Sasha Swire should be a great choice. This book follows the life of Sasha Swire as she retells some of the passages from her diaries which detail her life as a politicians wife, diverting from convention as the dutiful wife. This will challenge and inform a Leo who should find they relate to much of Swire’s narrative.


Virgos are extremely analytical and practical people. Due to your critical drive, the novel My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite will be right down your alley. This book will challenge you as it raises a lot of moral and ethical questions about loyalty and friendship – your analytical side will be revived with this novel.


Libra’s are some of the most level-headed and socially conscious people. You’re inclined to be diplomatic and gracious, for this reason the newly released autobiography, A Promised Land by Barack Obama should be a great choice. Your appetite for social justice should be fulfilled by this novel in which Obama describes some of his greatest moments and some of what he considers to be his biggest mistakes as President. 


Passionate, resourceful and brave – Scorpio traits are very distinct and powerful. As a Scorpio you are the sort of person who will always voice your opinions and do what is right. For this reason the novel, The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett would be a great choice for you. The book raises questions about race, gender and identity and will perhaps teach you about why you should always be outgoing in your actions Scorpio. 


You are an extroverted, optimistic and funny person Sagittarius. You are extremely generous and care about the world, which is why the novel The Louder I Will Sing by Lee Lawrence would be an interesting and challenging read for you. The novel tells the story of the son of Cherry Groce who was wrongly shot by police in 1985 leaving her paralyzed and sparking riots against the racism which the community experienced. The novel leaves you on an optimistic note but will inform and enlighten your caring side.