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Poem – Valentine’s Surprise

By Kimberley Jones

To my lover,
In my whole lifetime I will never be able to express how much you mean to me,
And I hope that my efforts will make you believe in our forever.
Strange times have taken their toll on you and me,
And has made it difficult for us to find happy memories from the year,
But I have not given up, eternity we will be.
I only wish you to forgive me for my mistakes,
As I will always forgive the mean words you said in anger,
It will not be easy and I’m not sure how long it will take.
For this to carry on we must keep loving each other,
Dedicating everyday of our lives to make the other feel appreciated,
Because for me there will never be another.
I believe you to be my other half,
My best friend, my doctor, my superhero, my soulmate,
Even when I am sad you can always make me laugh.
I wish to fall in love with you every day,
Every time I wake, every time I sleep and everything in between,
I wish to find more and more about you and listen to everything you say.
I love seeing the passion on your face when you talk about something you love,
Seeing you get confused at completely ordinary things,
And how your eyes light up whenever you look at the stars above.
The world looks wonderful when I am with you,
You make me believe in a better tomorrow,
And that you will always stay true.
Even when you are not near, I never feel alone,
You know how to make me feel safe from far away,
Over the years you have become my home.
So, to my lover, it has always been you,
Always and forever,
The answer is yes, I look forward to saying I do.