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Live Review: Saint Raymond at Clwb Ifor Bach – 06/11/18


By Izzy Boulton

Nottingham boy Callum Burrows, known better as Saint Raymond, returned to Cardiff for the first time for a number of years on Tuesday night. It was easy to see that he was overwhelmed by the Welsh welcome and you could feel the room glowing with excitement and anticipation, as if the audience wanted to reassure Burrows of their loyalty. Supported by the light and fluffy sets of Christian Punter and Casey Lowry, the crowd were loosened up and the awkward ‘Can I dance yet?’ aura was undoubtedly left amongst the crushed up cans and cups on the floor.

Having released his new single ‘Echo’ less than a week before, Burrows was clearly elated at the number of fans who knew the words and were singing them back to him, and the fans clearly loved hearing it live as one fan on Twitter called the show “as euphoric and joyous as always”. The crowd was made up of a mixture of fans, from middle aged couples to younger teens to the group of four boys stood next to me who were unapologetically sporting Saint Raymond merchandise over their own clothing and shouting support all the way from the back.

Burrow’s date at Clwb Ifor Bach was merely the fourth of his sixteen-date tour around the UK. If this wasn’t enough success for the artist, he has also secured four more UK dates in March next year. The singer can’t seem to get enough of playing live and moving around the UK is definitely helped by the positive reception. In the middle of the gig, as his own voice was drowned out by the singing of the audience, he commented “I can’t stop smiling this is incredible, especially such a long way from home”. Burrows honesty of emotion is extremely humbling, and makes the audience feel very comfortable and at home listening to him. Saint Raymond rounded off the gig with a three-song acoustic, a seemingly special moment for what had been a particularly good Tuesday, no doubt it was enough to keep his fans going through the rest of the week.