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Live Review: The Sherlocks Live at Cardiff Students’ Union, Thursday 11th October 2018

By Laura Stevens

“You’re coming home when it’s light from the night before…” the room moves in unison as The Sherlocks erupt into sound.  The band’s opening track “Last Night” sets the mood for an evening of uplifted voices and spirits in the Cardiff venue, forming the second night of The Sherlocks current UK tour. Following the band’s sellout success of their debut album Live For The Moment, the South Yorkshire foursome are back on the road, and are still receiving undying support from their fan base.

As expected, the band’s set at the Cardiff Student Union is laced with memorable riffs and powerful vocals, stirring the crowd into unified chants with every song.

The up and coming group, formed of two sets of brothers, draw obvious influence from popular indie guitar music; songs such as “Will You Be There” and “Live For The Moment” are powerful and anthemic, paying a familiar homage to groups such as the Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes. However, the melodic “Turn The Clock” and “Was It Really Worth It” provide a fresh view on the genre, with Kiaran Crook’s captivating vocals carrying the group’s seamless harmonies: “how does it feel to be perfect?”

The band are currently thought to be working on their second album, and the foursome teased the crowd with several new tracks, all of which were enthusiastically received by their young fans. The Sherlocks ended their set with the bold and unapologetic “Chasing Shadows”, stirring up a sea of voices that continued to sing long after the band had left the stage. A finale worth waiting for.

The Sherlocks, signed to the label Infectious Music, are without a doubt a promising selection of talent, and the group’s new material is eagerly awaited by followers. Their successful debut album has already earned its place at number 6 in the album charts, which is hopefully a nod to the start of the band’s long and exciting career.