Album: Lucy Rose – Work It Out

Album Cover: Lucy Rose - Work it Out

Album Cover: Lucy Rose - Work it Out

Back with her belated second album, follow-up to 2012’s folksy ‘Like I Used To’, Lucy Rose returns with a record shaped by countless shows with her four-piece live band that showcases a new emphasis on electric instruments and collaborative arrangements. Lyrically the material follows Rose’s previous first person narratives, with the liner notes detailing “the loss of a great love and gain of a new”, with the new instrumental approach defining the songs on show.

‘For You’ is an adequate introduction, with Rose’s strummed electric guitar and tender vocals slowly joined by programmed drums and handclaps, giving way to lead single ‘Our Eyes’ radio-ready indie groove and floating chorus (not to mention a quirky video – dogs and ponies galore) serve as a reference for the atmospheric indie-pop that dominates the record.

Current release ‘Like an Arrow’ captures the melodic emphasis of Rose’s debut and amalgamates her new full band approach to great effect in one of the records strongest moments and a sure-fire live favourite in the making.

Elsewhere ‘Köln’ features intricate guitar work into one of Rose’s most open choruses, with the Warwickshire singer locating her power chords in an ode to staying in and pretending the world outside doesn’t exist.

After the lofty and lovelorn earworm ‘Shelter’, the record treads somewhat ponderously through subdued numbers and an interlude before finding its feet with the brooding ‘Cover Up’, all fuzzy bass and tribal drumming.

Although it may not match the consistency of Rose’s debut, ‘Work It Out’ is an astute departure and avoids the repetition of some sophomore albums and opens up new musical pathways, while adding a clutch of crowd-friendly new songs to her repertoire for the many tours to come.