Album Review: Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’

Since the release of their debut album ‘I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose’ in 2008, Bombay Bicycle Club have been quietly working their way to the top of the British indie scene. With the release of ‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’, perhaps their most inventive and exciting album yet, they don’t look set to stop any time soon. The commercial success of their last three albums has allowed Bombay Bicycle Club to release their latest venture entirely in their own way and out of their own studio, a fact which is immediately noticeable from the way the album plays. ‘So, Long See You Tomorrow’ finally reaches the levels of musical innovation Bombay Bicycle Club have always strived for but, before now, never quite achieved; perhaps due to interferences from outside sources, perhaps merely due to youthful naivety.

The distinctive sound of frontman Jack Stedman’s lead vocals supported by the summery, joyful melodies Bombay Bicycle Club have become renowned for has been warped and heightened by a wide range of cultural influences. Written across three continents on a worldwide search for inspiration by Stedman, ‘So Long…’ has an exotic and unique sound drawing from ideas of traditional Indian, Japanese and European culture. Sprinkled with that delightfully modern Bombay Bicycle Club sound, it culminates in something you just can’t quite put your finger on but can’t help but love.

All this being said, while overall this album further improves on previous records with even more catchy and joyous stand-out tracks, Bombay Bicycle Club are yet to surpass their only vice. A smattering of weaker, easily forgettable filler tracks break up the album slightly and ultimately leave you skipping around rather than listening in its entirety. Don’t let this stop you though, to name just a few highlights; ‘Carry Me’ will happily reside in your head for weeks, ‘Home By Now’ will put a lump in your throat and ‘Luna’ will have you dancing round the kitchen like it’s the first day of spring. With what’s shaping up to be a long, successful year of sold out shows and high profile festival appearances for Bombay Bicycle Club, ‘So, Long See You Tomorrow’ may be the perfect soundtrack and quite possibly their best work yet.


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