Album Review: Los Campesinos!


You know those albums where every song is absolutely top notch? Those albums that you just can’t stop listening to? Yeah? Well, this is one of them. ‘No Blues’ is the newest release from Cardiff’s very own sextet and it’s a mighty good one, to say the least. Don’t let the optimistic title get you too in the mood for the latest bubblegum pop though; in true Los Campesinos! fashion, a wave of ardently anguished lyrics hits you in the heart at exactly the same time as the overwhelmingly buoyant noise pop crashes into your ears. A match made in heaven if there ever was one. ‘For Flotsam’ sets the tone for the album. With a mighty chorus that could have easily turned the record into the biggest anti-climax since the 2012 Steps reform, it instead gives an expectation-shattering hint at what is to follow. ‘What Leaves Death Behind’ and ‘Glue Me’ keep the record moving consistently towards ‘Avocado, Baby’, the first single released from the album. Providing yet another page in the band’s meticulously thought out musical canon, the track’s final refrain hits you like a wall of bricks before sliding calmly into the closing tracks. ‘Selling Rope’ brings the album to a defiant finish with a beautifully slowed down melody and echoing reverb. As a result, ‘No Blues’ draws you in, takes you to its peak with a mish-mash of beautifully layered harmonies and instrumentals before being dropping you straight back into reality amidst the overwhelming and insuppressible urge to listen all over again.



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