Album Review: playlounge – ‘pilot’

a1964838468_10‘pilot’ is the debut album from the London based duo playlounge [they like lowercase, I’m not just being lazy – ed].

The opening track, ‘i am a lion’ shows you instantly what this band are about. Noise. Lots and lots of noise. Its starts the album with such enthusiasm screaming a very loud ‘HELLO WE’RE HERE’ but yet is so rhythmically sound it keeps you listening.

A few of the tracks seem to merge, but what do you expect from a first album? playlounge are showing us what their sound is and could be; they probably haven’t fully spread their wings yet. Lead track ’zero’ is steady and strong, with catchy vocals and pace. ‘gutterball’, the last track, brings the album to a solid close, showcasing the risks and variation they take within their sound.
It sometimes appears that the lyrics are getting lost in the music, but that’s what makes playlounge so endearing – as soon as you think they have faded away Saam’s voice jumps back out, jagged and raw, piercing back up to the surface and waking up emotions that would normally remain asleep.

Bonus editions finish with a truly enchanting cover of William’s ‘South of the Border’. This close to the album showcases the energy playlounge possess, and their ability to put their lo-fi stamp on already great songs.

Saam Watkins and Laurie Foster have got a sound, which although at some points seems fuzzy, has a quality that makes you want to shake your head and jump around; this is pop punk at it’s most energetic and most fun.

If you like Joanna Gruesome and Birdskulls, ‘pilot’ will offer you something you might love. It’s not a prosecco on a summer evening; it’s that pounding Brother’s hangover as you wake up sweating at Glastonbury. This could easily be the soundtrack to your summer.


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