Single Review: Gwenno – ‘Chwyldro’


If you’re new to music in the mother tongue of Welsh then Gwenno is a great artist to begin and arguably end with, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. ‘Chwyldro’, the first of three singles from the upcoming LP (Welsh for Revolution) is a beautifully relaxing infusion of synth and bass, topped by the angelic vocal acrobatics of Cardiff’s very own music producer, DJ, radio presenter and musician. Released on Peski records, the collection is a perfect example of the talent that is hiding behind the city walls. Despite its downbeat tone, swathed in all its chilled out glory, a prominent bass line keeps the track in the check giving it an overridingly optimistic resonance. Bonus track ‘A B C Ch D’ is equally haunting and just as packed with echoey melodies and enchanting hooks. As the soloist narrates the hypnotic verses, the first five letters of the Welsh alphabet reverberate beneath the main focus of attention in a barely audible whisper. If that’s not enough to keep you interested then R Seiliog’s mesmerizing interpretation of ‘Chwyldro’ tops off the release wonderfully. With a psychedelic spin on the single, it is certainly worth waiting for. We must urge, do not be put off by the lack of English language- the dream-like Celtic lyrics enhance the overriding tone of the calming electro-pop, lulling you into a serene state of contentment that would blend particularly well with a mug of hot chocolate and a thick blanket when you’re hiding from the stereotypical Cardiffian weather.



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