Festival Preview: Pili Pala, Swansea


Now in its second year, Pili Pala festival is returning to Swansea’s Uplands from 16-17 May. The event will showcase the best of local music talent across four live venues. Regulars on the local circuits include Cardiff-based Houdini Dax with an onslaught of powerful, upbeat rock, while the alternative Tarsiers will be bringing psychedelic influences to the scene. Meanwhile, warm acoustic sets that falter in all the right places can be expected from Sera and Jack Barnett.

The compact festival is the perfect event for budding artists; partnered with the Welsh Music Foundation, industry insiders will be running free masterclasses and panel discussions on the afternoon of Saturday 17th, including how to get radio play for your material.

To boot, Pili Pala is challenging the age-old stigma of drug-addled festivals by raising money for WCADA (the Welsh Centre for Action on Dependency and Addiction), a charity that gives support to sufferers of drug addiction. Don’t worry, though – you can still enjoy a (responsibly-consumed) drink! Anyone who is interested in the support given by the WCADA can find more information at the event.

The best part? For a two-day event promoting the best of Wales, you part ways with just £10; alternatively, pay £4 entry per venue on the door.

Visit Pili Pala’s website for tickets and the full line-up:


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