Foals – Inhaler



Transgressive | 05.11.12


First single from Foals’ long awaited third album, Holy Fire, due February 2013, is something quite startling.  Opening with a reverb laden guitar loop and syncopated beats from wood blocks, the piece has a groovy, Afrobeat feel.  But then comes the build up, rising notes and a pulsing bassline that culminate in an explosive chorus with screeching synths.  Frontman Yannis wails, a la Kasabian, that he needs “space!” and then out thrashes this crazy, textbook Muse, heavy guitar riff.  Quite a shock after the band’s previously bleak sound. The video features trendy indie kids writhing around in warehouses and skateparks; no more a shoegazer, Yannis seems to try to flirt with the camera, and the mass appeal of this song suggests he also wants a fling with mainstream radio. Confusing but catchy.


Rosey Brown

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