Haŵs establish a new record label for Cardiff house music

By Sam Cotter

In recent years, the interest of electronic music in Cardiff has seen an exponential growth in student-led events springing up around the capital. None more so than Haŵs (pronounced House), an event formed in the summer of 2016 and fronted by Eben Rees, Brynn Slater, James Wilkinson, and Thomas Piesinger. Built on an ethos to promote DJs who share their passion for house music, they have introduced Cardiff to significant members in the underground house scene. Previous events have seen Bradley Zero, Damiano Von Eckert, Harrison BDP, and the Big Miz, amongst others, demonstrating their craft and expansive soundscapes which have proven popular amongst the Cardiff punters. Haŵs, excitingly, are now transferring this ethos from club to home, by ambitiously setting up a record label under the same name. Eben, Thomas and a further member, Rhodri Price, decided to start up the imprint after months of planning and gathering inspiration for the first EP. Haŵs Party Vol 1, which releases on the 6th of November, will feature four producers; Harrison BDP, Speed Boat, Ari Bald, and Doppelate showing off their own signature and distinct sound. In doing so, they have put their trust in producers who are often lauded on underground social media accounts and as such, we can expect synths, vocals, jazz, ambience, bass and percussion all infused together by a 4 piece that will make you groove and nod your head in appreciation.

Cardiff has been aching for this scene to be represented, such is the presence of events being held around the capital, and Haŵs is doing such by venturing into the world of the music listener. Having kicked off their winter season with producer Fantastic Man, going down as hugely successful night, the coming months are looking to be some of Haŵs best yet, with the likes of Aleksandir (27th of October) and DJ Central. Haŵs and all the members of the team are on the ascendancy and we hope the second EP is not too far in the distant future!