Interview: Beartooth


Quench Music talk Buckingham Palace, Barack Obama and opening the show with alt-rockers Beartooth

So, Beartooth, coming from an alternative background, how would you describe yourself to people who haven’t heard you before?

Taylor: Fast and loud.

Caleb: We’re like a mixture of Pantera and The Beatles. I’m just kidding, we’re nothing like that. I don’t know really. We’re loud, intense…

Taylor: Fast and loud like Motorhead. Soft and nice like James Taylor.

Caleb: Yes! Perfect, that’s cool.

With that in mind, compared to the other bands on the Kerrang! Tour, how are you fitting in? Is everyone getting on?

Caleb: Yeah, it’s cool, everyone on the tour is nice. I mean, it’s like us and Bury Tomorrow, they’re the only other band that’s similar to us, so, it’s definitely been a more interesting tour than we’re used to doing. Obviously, we usually do tours with bands that are all heavy, or metal bands. But the headliner and the direct support, and I guess the band under them on this tour, they’re all pop bands. So certain nights it can make it a little more interesting to fit into that gap but it’s still cool.

Are the crowd still quite receptive to what you’re doing or is it a bit more difficult, a bit of a challenge for you?

Caleb: It’s been different day to day.

Taylor: You can definitely tell who is here to see which bands.

Caleb: That’s for sure!

Being first on then, surely that makes it a bit of a tough gig!?

Taylor: I love playing first man!

Caleb: Yeah, you play a really good slot, you get to hang out all day, its nice.

Have some fun?

Kam: Hell yeah!

Taylor: I feel like when you play first you set the tone for the rest of the bands…

Caleb: So when we go up there and blow it, they have no pressure whatsoever on them! They’re gonna look awesome!

Is the Kerrang! Tour something you’ve always wanted to do? Was it a big aspiration when you started out? For a lot of bands it’s quite a milestone!

Caleb: To be completely honest, I didn’t even really know what this tour was until like this year, well obviously not this year, I mean like 2014. It’s definitely cool that we can be a part of it, it seems like it’s definitely something that has made a staple in the UK.

Kam: I’d never heard of it before we got it booked…

Yeah, I guess the kids who come to this tour go every year no matter who plays, it’s kind of a rite of passage.

Caleb: Yeah, I’ve actually been asked that a lot in interviews, people say like “how does this compare to Warped Tour?” And in my mind I’m like, dude, they’re not even close to each other! But I guess it does make a little more sense in that regard that kids come out every year to enjoy the show.

Are there any other places that you haven’t played and would like to?

Caleb: The White House. Buckingham Palace.

Kam: I really wanna play Buckingham Palace!

Taylor: The Roots always play anything that Barack Obama does. I wanna be that band! It’d be like “play me out boys!” and then he’d just walk down the White House red carpet and jam.

Caleb: I just wanna play a show and then hang out with the Queen and just kick it. Have some tea.

So, you’ve recently been part of the Pierce The Veil/Sleeping With Sirens World Tour. How was that?

Taylor: We were on the first leg of that tour, it was the last thing we did before this.

Caleb: It was great.

Kam: They’re the best people I’ve toured with in my life.

Caleb: They’re just so rad.

When are you back in the UK after this?

Caleb: Ohhh, can we say that? I’ll say this, it’s definitely this year.

Taylor: I mean, it’s getting announced in a few days, like on the first day we go back to the States.

Kam: We’re doing Slam Dunk and a headliner around that time.

Taylor: We’ll be out with a couple of other bands, one of them is from the UK. It’s gonna be crazy.

Caleb: They’re a couple of big rockers!

A lot of bigger bands have taken you out on the road and now you’re in a position to be taking bands out yourselves. How does it feel to be able to take out bands that you like and give them the same sort of support that you’ve had as an up-and-coming band?

Caleb: It’s cool, obviously…

Kam: It’s cool to be able to pick people that you’re friends with and build a tour around that rather than be out on tour with a bunch of people you don’t know.

Caleb: Yeah, you never have to worry about touring with a band you don’t like or people that you don’t know. It’s more about just having a good time and there’s a lot more comradery, com-rockery!

Taylor: It’ll be our third headliner we’ve got coming up I think but with every headliner we’ve done, we don’t pick bands and think we’ll take these guys out to get them fans! We’re just like they’re our buds so let’s party!

You’re known for your lyrics being quite honest and quite inspirational; was it always the intention to be one of these bands that goes out as a voice for others?

Caleb: It was actually the opposite on what I was planning on doing. There was never like, I wanna be this staple band of “ah man, these lyrics changed my life” or like this is an anthem for us as a listener. I was kind of writing lyrics for myself, to get my head on straight in a lot of aspects in my life and I think that because I was kind of writing for myself, hopefully, that because I was being honest with myself that people can attach to that a lot easier than they would be able to attach to a band that is bullshitting their lyrics into some cheesy song for the people. Hopefully it comes across as a natural thing.