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An Interview with Charlie Sloth

Quench Magazine were lucky enough to have chat with the renowned Radio 1 DJ, presenter and producer Charlie Sloth as he heads of on tour after the release of his new album ‘The Plug’ in August. It is a collection of 22 urban tracks, rich with different genres and original but reminiscent sounds. You can catch Charlie Sloth in Bristol on the 15th October.

Did you want people to listen to the album think, yes this has Charlie Sloth’s influence all over it?

Yes, I wanted people to listen to the album and have a better understanding of who Charlie Sloth is, and the musical influences that have helped me become the person that I am today. I feel that the album is a perfect representation of who Charlie sloth is in 2017.  

Did the process of creating it throw any surprises at you or is the end product exactly how you envisaged it?   

Like working on any body of work, there’s always going to be obstacles, hurdles and things that happen that nobody expected to happen, but with this album I had no expectations myself on how the end product would sound. I just wanted to be as organic, honest and natural as I could.  

Would you say releasing the album has been your biggest achievement/milestone so far in your career? Or just one of many?

Just one of many, there’s so many things that I feel that I’ve achieved in my career already and I’m still young, there’s so much more to achieve and so many aspirations to do bigger and better things, but it is a very proud moment in my career.  

The music industry is typically fast moving. Do you think being involved in many aspects, whether it be creating your own music to presenting on Radio 1, is a good way to remain active, fresh and on the top of your game in this type of industry?

For me it’s always about progression, being fluid and forever moving and I feel the moment you stand still is the moment you’re dead. The moment you’re complacent is the moment you’re dead and those two things are two things that I never am. I’m forever moving and forever evolving and trying to search out new challenges and better myself. I’m better today than I was yesterday and I’ll be better tomorrow than I am today.  

Was there anyone who inspired you to reach where you are now? If so, it seems you have now filled that gap yourself and are now being that inspiration to other emerging artists or presenters, which must be a good feeling.

It’s an incredible feeling. There are so many people that I’ve drawn inspiration from throughout my journey, great broadcasters such as Trevor Nelson, Tim Westwood and Zane Lowe. Then in terms of music I’m constantly surrounded by greatness, I’m surrounded by people who have accomplished some amazing things so growing up witnessing first-hand that anything’s possible, of course played a massive part in who I am today. The fact that there are other people looking up to me in the way I looked up to others is mad inspiring.  

Your Fire in the Booth with MC Quakez (aka Roadman Shaq, aka creator of the hilarious YouTube series SWIL) blew up. Your way of consistently shining light on talented artists, new artists, and established artists brings them to the attention of many people. Who is  next up for a Fire in the Booth session/who would you love to bring on?

I mean we’ve got a massive list of people that are coming up in the next three months for Fire in the Booth but I never like to reveal just who until we’re rolling it out. In terms of wish lists for FITB, again there’s a massive wish list, there are some artists that I’d love to see do a FITB, people like Drake, Eminem, Jay-Z and Nas to name a few.  

What is your advice to people who look at you and think ‘I would love to be playing the music I love for a living’ or even those who are like ’Get me in the booth; I want Charlie Sloth to hear my music’?  

Work hard, be consistent, don’t take no as answer. You’re in control of your own destiny; don’t be fooled into thinking you’re not.

Your schedule is very full and fast paced. Do you think having the attitude ‘Don’t complain about having too much on your plate, when the goal was to eat’ is a good way to remain grateful and keep striving to achieve what you aim to do? Also you seem to have struck a good balance of sharing this plate to help others, as well as balancing your music commitments with family life.

Every day I wake up I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real. I’ve worked my whole life to be where I am today, to be in the position that I’m in today, so for me too even contemplate moaning is bizarre, I’m living the dream. Yeah my schedule’s crazy, I don’t really have a social life, the balance between work life and being a father is a struggle, but this is what I signed up for. I remember 10 years ago I was working 7 days a week, 18 hours a day and at that time I thought when I get to where I wanna be things would be easier, boy I was wrong. I still work as hard now as I did 10 years ago and I’ve got no plans to slow down anytime soon.


Charlie Sloth is touring from October 15th – November 3rd

His album The Plug is out now on album, iTunes and Spotify.


Interview by Camille Stanley