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An interview with Clean Cut Kid

We caught up with Clean Cut Kid before their set at this year’s Barn on the Farm Festival. It was the day after the busy band had played Community Festival in Finsbury park, where bassist, Saul yelled “Hello Hyde Park”… let’s hope their set in this quaint farm in Gloucester starts a bit more smoothly!

We sat down with Evelyn and Saul from Liverpool’s finest band and energy was pouring out of both of them, making it refreshingly clear that they don’t just put this on for their live performances.

They were looking forward to their set at the festival. Evelyn said “I’m looking forward to playing ‘Evelyn’. It always gets a pretty good response live”, and Saul added the story behind the song, “the story of that is pretty cool because Ev and Mike are married and people are pretty hooked on that now”.

“Leaving you behind is also another highlight because there’s a part where I step back from the mic and can hear everyone singing that was really nice. Our performance always depends on the crowd so we’ll have to wait and see. I think smaller festivals like this one are great because you can walk around and you see all your mates from other bands. We have played arenas with the Courteeners last year, but we’ve have had bigger crowds than 16,000 in festivals but no matter the size of the venues it really depends on the crowd’s reaction”.

Rewinding back to the recent start for the Liverpudlians, “we’ve only been a band for three years and we were thrown into the deep end straight away with our first track out three weeks after, and a support set for Circa Waves. But that tour was nice because there wasn’t much pressure for us, but our crowds keep growing and it’s just the best feeling. Before we did any gigs we did a lot of rehearsals, and now we only hang out with each other”.

“Mike (leading-man) is such a prolific writer, before we even started the album we had about 180 tunes so we had a load to pick from, but he ended up writing so many on tour and on holiday so he’s always got new songs for us. He plays me new ideas all the time and he lets us do our own bits. Mike’s a bit of a musical genius.”

Saul adds “We were just saying, that once when we were on stage he played banjo, mandolin and guitar”.

“At the same time” Evelyn jokes. You can tell that they only hang out with each other by the way they effortlessly bounce off one another.

“Oh we did Sunday brunch” Saul exclaims, “it was so funny”.

“Funny is exactly how to describe it. We were just sat there not quite believing that we’re on television, it was just hilarious. And now we all have matching television tattoos to mark the occasion”.

At this point a lady comes along and provides Saul with a t-shirt… a strange exchange at first, but then Evelyn explains that he manages to swap his t-shirt with someone who’s t-shirt he likes at every gig. After this interview I was talking to a friend of mine who has swapped t-shirts with Saul too, still a little strange, but endearing at the same time and a great way of refreshing his wardrobe and not wearing the same outfit twice I suppose.

I always find it interesting what acts band members are looking forward to seeing at festivals as they are always opinions to trust. Evelyn says she was looking forward to seeing Japanese House, James Vincent McMorrow, Amber Run, Rationale, Black Honey (who she is wearing a merch top for), Youngr, and the Norwegian singer, Dagny, who Evelyn and Mike used to play in a band with, and I can confirm that she is an absolute must see/listen to. Evelyn says “this is the trouble playing so many festivals, we miss so many people we want to see” but I’m sure there is worse jobs than playing in a successful band, touring the country.

We were then interrupted by the magical moment of Saul giving us his own t-shirt as part of the t-shirt swap for today’s gig, we are feeling so blessed.

As a round up to the jam packed interview we found out that the band are already looking into their second record following ‘Felt’, released May this year. Exciting!

Charlotte Minett