Interview: Kutosis

Roisin Alldis interviews Ian Jones (vocals/guitar) of Kutosis

Ian, Kutosis have been described as “a blast of youthful post-punk/post-hardcore which has no time to sit around, calling to mind the intense debut LPs of Gang of Four, Mclusky and Bloc Party”…

The Mclusky reference definitely, we’re all massive fans. Gang of Four in all honesty, I don’t know if any of us have actually ever listened to them. We’re influenced by many bands: Liars, Les Savy Fav. When we heard Liars were playing Sŵn we were going to go watch them, and then a couple of weeks ago, we got asked to be on the bill. We were a bit nervous about meeting them, but they were really sound guys, really friendly.

Fanatical Love was nominated for the Welsh Music Prize, a very impressive achievement, but how do you plan to follow it? 

We’re currently recording the second album, which will be released in the new year. It’s quite different to the first; we have new influences such as Girls, Surfer Blood, Sonic Youth, Pavement – bands we’ve been listening to as we’re writing and recording the new album.

On listening to Fanatical Love, I can definitely hear a development of your sound from an angular punk style similar to your early EPs to a more relaxed sound, possibly verging on desert rock; was this a conscious process when making the album?

We’d written a batch of songs that we knew were different to what we were known for and we were unsure what to do with them. We wanted to surprise people. We love the songs on the later part of the album and we thought if it was all punky, people might like it on first listen, but might forget about it six months later, but we’re not too conscientious about what we do we tend to run with our instincts… Can I just say hello to all the readers of Quench? I love that magazine!

Of course, you were all Cardiff students..

Yes, I am a Cardiff alumni, I studied economics…just like Mick Jagger. So basically, if this band ever make any money, we’ll know how to invest it!

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