INTERVIEW: Milburn @ Godiva Festival 2016

INTERVIEW: Milburn @ Godiva Festival 2016

After being off the radar for almost a decade, a disappearing act better than a dynamo trick; Sheffield band Milburn are finally back! Storming back onto the scene with a hometown four date sell out gig, the lads were welcomed by fans with opened arms; old and new. Working with a local Coventry radio Hillz FM, we got to catch the lads on their first gig in eight years outside of Sheffield at Coventry’s Godiva Festival. Chatting with Lead singer Joe, Quench’s Erin Brown got to find out all about their return.

Your comeback was massive, how did you sell out return gigs go?

Strange. We didn’t go very far we just stayed in Sheffield for four nights. It was crazy. We initially planned to put two gigs on to see what the response would be and then we ended up having to put four on and selling 10,000 tickets. It just really took us back. We’ve been away for eight years. We didn’t expect anyone to still love us.


What made you want to come back?

That’s a good question! We knew that there was people that wanted to hear it and we thought if we didn’t do it now then the chance would be lost. We thought people would eventually forget about us. If we are gonna do it, we gotta do it this year, or else we will never do it. It’s a now or never sort of thing.


Has the good reception to the comeback pushed for the tour?

Yeah we are doing seven or eight gigs through the UK. We were getting a lot of complaints that we were being lazy and staying in Sheffield. We thought yeah let’s put some effort in.


Does this mean we can expect some new material from Milburn?

I dunno. Initially it was just to play a few old tunes but I guess while we spend more time in a group together it is likely to happen. We don’t wanna put pressure on it and say we are gonna make a record and get everyone’s hopes up and then fall out in like three weeks’ time.


In that case, was the comeback just to relive it all again?

Yeah it was very nostalgic. But it was more for people who had never seen us before, a lot of kids have never seen us. There was kids there that were like fifteen who must have been three when we first came out. We were kind of doing it for that. Obviously the money didn’t hurt. Let’s face it, we’re all at a part in our lives when we are all growing up, we’ve got houses and children and stuff so it does help like. Looking forward to the end of the year to see what happens.


Where the best place for Milburn to play, Is it always going to be Sheffield?

Sheffield is great, we always get a good reception but I like going to Glasgow. They’re just nuts. It’s nice playing in London. We playing down at Coco in Camden soon and that’s a really really nice venue. Then you can make a weekend of it and do some cool things. But yeah Glasgow is probably the one.

So we are at Godiva festival, what made you come here? It is a small festival and a free one, so why here?

When we did the Sheffield gigs, people started to approach us. We’ve played here before with Reverend and the Makers. I remember it just being a nice festival. We got some things in and had to decide which festivals we wanna do and I remember Godiva, it was a nice vibe so we came back!


What do you think about it being free?

I think it’s amazing and they need to do all they can to keep it free. In Sheffield, we had an equivalent festival called Tram Lines and that was free for a few years and that was great but for financial reasons they’ve had to start charging tickets and getting sponsorship. I feel sorry for them. It just changes the spirit of it slightly. It’s not their fault. I think people just start judging it. If you’ve paid thirty or forty quid for a ticket you start moaning if your favourite band isn’t on. But before if it was free you probably would just enjoy it. It’s just the mind-set. If it’s free everybody is happy.


Speaking of festivals where can we find you this festival season?

The ones I am looking forward to are Y Not festival and Kendall Calling. They’re both set in beautiful surroundings, the Peak District and the Lake District.


The comeback is still pretty fresh, how do you think today’s set will go?

Can’t wait. Bit strange. It’s the first thing we’ve done out of Sheffield for eight years. But yeah Coventry is a decent crowd. We’ve got a connection with Coventry. We know a group of lads who are just nuts about us, so it should be good.

Catch Milburn on their tour this September!