INTERVIEW: Spring King

On the 15th February Spring King returned to The Diff to play a rescheduled date. Having previously played at Full Moon, “it’s a similar vibe but a lot smaller than this venue” therefore Clwb Ifor Bach is quite a change for the quintet. Tarek added “this whole tour has been amazing so far”. As the band are supporting Kaiser Chiefs the following week Pete mentioned that this shorter tour has ended up acting as a warm up for the gigs at the bigger venues, “it fitted really perfectly”. After two support acts including the up and coming Get Inuit, Spring King arrived on stage and belted out the fan favourite Better Man. “Should be pretty rowdy” Tarek said in the interview before the gig. And rowdy it was, with the self-confessed indie kids going mad at the front, coated in glitter with their look finished off with a pair of doc Martins, whilst at the back it was the more tame older generation, who seemed to be having a little dance. The sold-out crowd was a mix of audiences but Tarek says “I think our music translates well across all types of audiences and genres”. Having supported Slaves and Spector on tour one after another proves this statement to be correct.

As Spring King have mainly high energy tracks, their gig was certainly a sweaty affair with many mosh pits forming at the front. The band were encouraging these moshes especially during the track It’s so Dark, Andy’s favourite to play, “I just love the end bit because it gets insane”. And it got a bit too insane, James had to step in and calm the youngsters at the front down before anyone got hurt. In the interview James said “on stage we’re all having fun because music it’s funny we want to happen but we do take it seriously too”.  You can tell they are all having a great time on the stage laughing and joking around to each other which adds a connection between the band and the fans.  A few slower songs were thrown in the mix “to give our sweaty messes a break”, Darkness Take Me Away did this well. A few “oldies but goodies” were also showcased, the old favourite, Demons for example. During the encore the band played another older song Let’s Ride. The extreme high energy and fast paced lyrics, I believe, sum Spring King’s entire sound up. The crowd loved it.

As for the next year, you can look forward to seeing Spring King on tour with Kaiser Chiefs, Flying Vinyl Festival, Tramlines Festival and many more that haven’t been announced yet. Tarek says “We want to play as many shows as we can. Put out music and keep creating”. And we can’t wait! Sounds like 2017 is going to be a great year for these boys.

Charlie Minett