Interview: Wolf Alice

Indie rock quartet Wolf Alice popped in for a chat with Charlie Mock to talk NME, touring and what they want for Christmas.



Firstly, your name is a reference to an Angela Carter short story- do you particularly like the piece? 

Ellie: Yeah, we copied it.

Joel: We thought it sounded nice, but we don’t like it now so much.

Joff: I like it!

Theo: We like it, they don’t like it and everyone thinks that Ellie is called Alice.


Your new EP Blush was released earlier this month. How has that been received?

Joel: Well, I like it.

Joff: We’ve had some really nice press and stuff, people have been very very kind.

Joel: It got streamed with the Guardian, which is very very cool for any band really. NME like it.

Theo: It got a strong seven.


You also released it on 10-inch vinyl and a lot of bands have started doing the same thing. Vinyl is definitely becoming a bigger deal for the younger generation- does vinyl hold a special place in any of your hearts? 

All: Yes!

Joel: And CDs are very expensive.

Joff: And to be honest, the label only puts out through vinyl. If I’m completely honest I’d much rather have it on CD. It’s probably a bit silly that we didn’t do it on CD.

Joel: It’s just a cool thing. I remember when I was growing up and getting into vinyl, they just look cool.

Theo: Vinyl is great. It’s lovely. We were talking the other day about going to a gig and seeing a nice vinyl- nowadays I don’t think there’s necessarily that many kids who’ve got a turn table and an amp at home.

Ellie: It’s more of a collector’s piece, a bit of memorabilia.

Joel: It’s like a t-shirt; you don’t really listen to it.

Theo: We’ve just seen our actual records, they were delayed at the shop but we got them yesterday and they look fantastic. Really happy with them.

Joel: Even though we had the 7” vinyl before when we got this one I was like, this is the shit.


You recently finished touring with the guys in Swim Deep as well as your own tour in November- how crazy has the last few months been for you?

Theo: We’re so boring it’s hard to be crazy.

Joel: We’re probably crazier when we’re not on tour than when we’re on tour. We go to bed earlier, and I probably eat more when I’m on tour than when I’m at home.

Theo: Swim Deep are always good though.

Joel: I read more when I’m on tour! I never read books before tour.

Theo: To be fair, we’ve only read one book between us.

Joel: The same half of the same book.


You were included in the recent ‘Young Britannia’ feature in NME – what does that mean for you? It’s a pretty iconic magazine! 

Joel: I was so proud. I bought it. Everyone has an opinion on NME, but I don’t care.

Theo: It’s really cool, it’s massive. They’ve been very nice to us, we’re very grateful to them.


What’s up next for the band? A relaxing Christmas after you’ve finished your hectic touring schedule? 

Joel: Album. We’re going to get an album for Christmas.

Joff: Dear Santa, one Wolf Alice album. Make it mixed and mastered.

Joel: It needs to be eight in NME as well. We want to smash next year.


EP Blush is available for download now. 

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