Live Review: Jessie J – Motorpoint Arena – 11.11.13


Jessie J’s final stop on her ‘Alive’ tour went out with a bang on Monday night at the Motorpoint Arena, however it did seem like a bittersweet farewell for the soloist who clearly thrives from performing live.

Support act Lawson were a good choice for the pre-concert warm up and it was obvious that it won’t be long before they’re headlining their own shows. But from the moment Jessie J stepped onto the stage, the audience were speechless. Jessie combined hits from her previous album ‘Who You Are’ with those from most recent release, ‘Alive’.  She struck a well balanced set list of hits from both albums which allowed the audience to delve into the vulnerability of her debut album as well as the confidence in her second from finding her identity as an artist.

The concert kicked off with ‘Big White Room’, which although a seemingly unusual choice for the opening of her second UK tour was in fact a restrained beginning, which gave her room to build up towards the big songs throughout the concert.  This was succeeded by two hits from her recent album, ‘Thunder’ and ‘Breathe’, both of which are easily worthy of number one singles.

The concert was divided into five sections with interludes of Jessie’s inspiring monologues bridging them together, but the theme of self-acceptance and ‘living life’ did at times touch the cusp of preaching.  It is clear that Jessie’s album, and indeed her tour, aim to deliver this message of self-worth but the constant reference to it at times felt like overkill.

Each section and costume change also reflected the different approaches Jessie takes to her music. She alternated from a jumpsuit singing ‘Do It Like A Dude’ to a floor-length dress with ‘Who You Are’, reflecting her diversity as a musician.

Jessie must also be commended for her stamina in the concert: not only did she give a vocally note-perfect performance, she was also active for the majority. The stage presence of Jessie reminded the audience of a young aspiring Madonna. You would think it would be easy for a performer to get caught up in the madness of the staging, which included flames, streamers, explosions, five costume changes and a shower of confetti, yet Jessie took all this in her stride. It only added to her astonishing stage presence, while each of the eighteen songs she performed were bang on the mark.

It was clear why the show was a sell-out performance. Jessie’s superior vocal ability combined with her powerful songs places her as one of the most talented and original British artists of today.


Jordan Nicholls


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