Live: Bring Me The Horizon – 27/11/15 – Motorpoint

Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The HorizonIt’s a few weeks before Def Leppard play the venue, and Cardiff Motorpoint Arena is hosting a very different generation of Sheffield metal band.

Bring Me the Horizon, with more of an appetite for breakdowns, but a similar love of pop hooks to Def Leppard, have managed to start selling out arenas in rock’s least likely success story this side of Biffy Clyro. A metal band that sit more comfortably on Radio 1’s A-list than a Bloodstock Festival line up, Bring Me the Horizon have managed to sell out this show within a couple of weeks, and looking around the crowd, tonight the largely male-dominated stereotype of metal audiences is officially dead.

Pvris get things off to a great start. Singer Lynn Gunn, whilst addressing some safety issues in the crowd, says she “doesn’t want to sound like your mom.” But you imagine the crowd members’ mothers would be thrilled if they had voices that sounded as powerful as hers.

Maybe Tom Delonge leaving Blink-182 has just increased people’s appetites for this kind of thing, but there’s no question about Neck Deep’s reception tonight being a warm one. The American pop punk sound of the Wrexham-based group doesn’t scream ‘Welsh music’, but the things the band do scream come over very successfully.

Bring Me the Horizon’s show starts with the surprisingly subtle ‘Doomed’, showing us that in 2015, they have learnt that suspense can be just as powerful as the biggest of riffs. But it’s all smoke cannons and confetti go once ‘Happy Song’ kicks in, giving way to an incredibly polished show by a band that not many would have called polished just a few years ago. Crying out for audience participation in a thick Sheffield accent like Alex Turner with quiff refashioned into a fringe, singer Oli Sykes manages to lead a short but incredibly effective part-metal gig, part-rave. It’s been a big year already for Bring Me the Horizon, playing second from the top of the Reading & Leeds line up to Metallica and getting second from the top of the album charts to Stereophonics. But tonight, Bring Me the Horizon don’t feel second best to anyone.