Live: Gabriel Rios – Y Plas – 03/11/15

Gabriel Rios

Gabriel RiosGabriel Rios brought his mellow tones and Latin vibes to Y Plas on the 3rd November. Puerto Rican born Rios has been making a name for himself over the past decade in Belgium, where he has lived since the age of 18, and now he’s bringing his fresh sound to the UK.

Since the release of his debut EP, ‘Ghostboy’, in 2005 Rios’ sound has been ever developing. An early pop electronica sound gained him a live following, and he soon secured a place on the summer festival circuit. Certainly, his original mix of Latin, electronic, pop rock tracks makes for a live set which never falls flat. Rios’ set at Y Plas was full of different layers, and kept the audience captivated just by using his voice. No gimmicks needed for this singer-songwriter. Since 2010, Rios has been stepping back from the electronic scene and tracks from his most recent album, ‘This Marauder’s Midnight’ (2014), which featured in his show were stripped right back. They featured little more than the soothing sounds of acoustic guitars and Rios’ voice. A crowd favourite was Rios’ first single from this album, ‘Gold’. This single received success on the continent after it was remixed by various DJ’s, most notably Thomas Jack, and judging by the audience’s reaction is also popular among British audiences. Another standout performance was ‘Song no. 7’, highlighting a more calming rhythmic Latin influence found in much of Rios’ more recent material.

Rios is making a stamp on the British music scene, with nothing else quite like him popular here right now. Catch him if you can.